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Ordering from Delptronics
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Author Ordering from Delptronics
Hi. I just ordered a few modules from the Delptronics website. I paid via PayPal and received a PayPal receipt but I haven't received a confirmation from Delptronics. Moreover, the items I purchased are still the cart. I sent them a message through their contact page asking them to confirm they received my order. I've tried to ask them a question before through the contact form but never got an answer.

Has anyone here ordered from their website and was your experience the same? Did you receive any communication from them what so ever?

I’ve emailed him before and he always got back to me pretty quickly.
Also I’m sure he was active last month and at NAMM.

However I ordered from a dealer in Canada, not directly from the website. hmmm.....
I've ordered directly from the website as well as had some follow-up questions. They got back to me quickly, my experience with them is good.
I've ordered from the website, and had no issues. I had all my questions answered quickly, no issues. I have however had the same "full cart/PayPal went through" issue before with other dealers. Contacting the store quickly solved all issues
I sent an email to and he replied. I'm still not sure if their system works but at least I got a response. thumbs up
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