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zeus boost power cable?
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Author zeus boost power cable?
Ok I feel like a total idiot for needing to ask this but I am kinda paranoid about my euro power...

I just bought the tiptop zeus boost power adapter to increase the power to my uzeus. However, for some reason the thing doesn't actually ship with a power cord/plug: it's just the brick. So...what kind of cord can I use to actually plug this thing in? Will any male to female 3 prong power cord work? My guitar amp uses this kind of cord so I am wondering if I can just use that for now until I can get another one.
Jay F.

you're right : you're never too paranoïd about those things.

But fear not : any power cord with the correct 3 prongs IEC connector will do.
I did the same thing - bought the power brick and didn't realize that the cord was extra. Any 3-prong IEC cable will do. You can get them at music stores, computer stores, some electrical supply stores (NOT home improvement stores).
I can't be the only one that saves the chords from old CPU power supplies, I have piles of them stashed away. I did the same thing however, and was quite surprised that the cable wasn't included. Not a big deal, any cable that fits should do the job.
I also have a uZeus + I have to rant a little bit about the separat cable. No one, really no one expects that the cable isnt included. Why not making the product more expensive and add a cable everyone needs to use the power-supply? This is just bad customer service, when you buy something and cant use it immedeatly.

Btw: s/o to Schneiders, who document everything you have to buy extra.
UK and Ireland, Europe, US and Australia all have different plugs and there may be more, they are just the ones I've come across

I guess that's a large part of why they don't come with them

and volumes aren't large enough to compensate

and who knows how long you want your cable to be

I just bought a mantis case and that did come with a cable, but it's only about a metre long - when 2 or 3 metres would have been better for me

and if the cable was the right length for me, someone else would be complaining that it was too long!!
modularblack wrote:
This is just bad customer service, when you buy something and cant use it immedeatly.

Btw: s/o to Schneiders, who document everything you have to buy extra.

Not really.

Local sourcing of power leads is much better for the environment (in its own small way). Shipping power-cables from one side of the planet to the other and then back again so that a consumer can have instant gratification is not a great idea.

I used to install equipment for an American company in Europe - they would ship with 4 sets of 4 power cables: European, US, UK and another I never identified. They all originated in China; packed and shipped shipped to the US, unpacked, re-packed, shipped to Europe, unpacked - then 3/4 of them "throw away".

Expecting the customer to put a little effort in finding out what they need to consume seems a small price - especially when the consumer may have a shoe-box full of those very things sitting on top of the wardrobe gathering dust.
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