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Low Latency FX/Design audio software for jamming?
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Author Low Latency FX/Design audio software for jamming?
Hi MuffWigglers,

First post here... Not a musician here, total wannabe, but I've spent 10 years hanging out at music studios, long time lurker. Last 2 years I've been commuting to work with a Novation Circuit, Pocket Operators, and a friends Op1. My day job is a computer programer for visuals. But now I've got the bug bad and need to make my next musical move..

I do jam with other real musicians, as the weird sound synth guy trying to work out what key I'm in. Basically I love self-indulgent non-serious noodling. Not looking for production/performance, just in-sync band FX fun.

Thinking of getting a 2nd hand KMIX (low latency mixer) with multi-track usb send/return to my slightly old osx laptop or iPad for FX. Design some FX presets, and use a midi controller when playing.

Looking for something that with live audio: can do complex long reverbs & delays, granular like scratch/loop filters of inputs, side-chain compression/limiting/eq, modulation & LFO's etc.. Bonus if events could be triggered / randomised programatically.

Previously I have learnt several timeline based video editing packages, flow graph 2d/3d video programming software, Python, Audacity and a bit of Ableton live for making mixtapes.

What software would you bad cats suggest? hihi
astrodislocate wrote:

Searching for that led me to scratch the surface of other interesting programable vst/dsp live software. but now i'm confused by my lack of knowledge and amount of choice: (only 32bit / under-development?) (not osx) liveProfessior (not osx)
Mainstage 3
Reaktor (too steep audio tech knowledge curve & no vst's)
Max/MSP (too steep audio tech knowledge curve)
PD (too steep audio tech knowledge curve) (not osx) (Usine Hollyhock) (no vst's)

I give up. Going to use Ableton, and a bunch of VST's. It's going to be my quickest route to making some noise. AudioMulch(not updated for 2years) and Cantabile(not OSX) are not for me.

Maybe after I hit Abelton's limitations I can look at Usine HollyHock, Bigwig, Bidule, MainStage, VEpro or liveProfessor? - so confused.
Audiomulch was nice for realtime/live perf because you were able to insert modules in the chain without breaking the signal flow, building patches from scratch while playing...
But, it's pretty much dead, only 32bit and does not provide basic utility modules ( contraptions in bw language ) like lfos and midi processing tools...The control surface is probably one of the best live tool/preset management ever though...

The last version of usine is absolutely excellent ! But less immediate for sure.It's lower level, and can bring you to core level, developing your own modules...But you still have simple buiding blocks like lfos,mixers,adsr etc...

Maxp/msp is always relevant ! You can't go wrong.But is more lower level in its approach and uses non intuitive module names. Community is active, heavy and u'll find tons of ressources ans patches to dissect !

I'm currently testing some bitwig only setup ( no vst or external ) to see what I'm able to get using only a panorama p1...It's surprising !

The rest I don't know enough to speak about...
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