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Plague Bearer and V'Amp Videos
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Author Plague Bearer and V'Amp Videos
Here's some videos of linked up Plague Bearers including one featuring the V'amp.

I'm still getting the hang of playing with the V'Amp so if there's something in particular you'd like to see let me know and I'll try to work that out. (PS I'm a bit of a noob, please bear with me).

These two feature 2 Plague Bearers exclusively:
Glitching 2 Plague Bearers -

2 FoH Plague Bearers Twice the Fun -

This Vid includes some V'Amp footage:
Fun with a FoH V'Amp -

computer controlled
At first i was all "who else has a V'Amp?" Then i saw the case. Throw that Modulation Osc output of the HD into the Mod 1 input. That's when the fun happens =o] See my vid on yootoob for more.
computer controlled
I really need/want another PB.
Heh, yeah technically Flight has the other one, I'm getting to run some testage too!

You're totally right, that's awesome. I'll get some footage of that too. Currently the video quality isn't great, but it's still fun to share.

Flight is also letting me play with a Quad Plague Bearer as well. I kind of want to see what happens when you link 6 of them in sequence....
I forgot to ask for the link to that video, I can post it up to the site if that's cool.

Oh and I Ran the Herz Donut through Mod1 with the 2 chained Plague Bearers running through Mod2.... I like it.

computer controlled
The sound that starts at about 1:20 in the third video sounds like a cat purring.
Yep it's nifty. Thanks for the link, I've added that to the webby. I finally added some video pages to the website. I've been slacking.
Gah! I want me a V'AMP! confused
HeWhoWantsJeans wrote:
Gah! I want me a V'AMP! confused

Me too...when?!
Looks like Flight is accepting pre-orders of these bad boys Link. Send him a buzz.

I don't have a page up for the V'Amp yet on the FoH website, but I'll bug Flight about that when I get home.
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