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2TT - Time and Triggers
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Author 2TT - Time and Triggers
Just saw this.

It seems to have most of the functionality of the Pendulum Ratchet and its much more obtainable. Am I missing something that the P/R can do over this and the 252e?

Thanks in advance!
Search function, amigo.
Thanks Kent, I had done and mostly what I had found were people arguing the merits of licensing the IP of the original mutable stuff. I hadn't seen any direct feature comparisons to the Pendulum Ratchet.

If there are, then I apologize and will delete the this thread.
I meant to imply that the question and discussion could/should be a part of any general 2tt thread but what do I know... seriously, i just don't get it
ArguZ zg

This should get you started...
I would like to stay away from direct comparisons, but it features some things you can do with a 252e, as in cascading clocks, control the divider of one with the other but in a much smaller package.
And there also it ratcheting in it, and swing, and a lot more.
The main thing for me is the shorting bars that let you do some cool instant combos in rhythm and pulse Morse code
Thanks ArguZ. This looks really great!

Just curious. Does it retain its settings on power off/on after you configure it?
yes - the top part / Temps Utile does smile

long-pressing the right encoder will take you to a page saying 6clocks / global settings; long-press again to save the current state permanently
We are actually still debating this smile

The lower ones have 2+2 stages.
So two modes (Ratchet or Swing) and 2 stages each and they save that to the eeprom whenever you switch.
Toggle and Latch...kept in memory.

The upper one writes the channel configurations when you want that to happen.
And i am talking about CV config, sequences, multiplication, division , everything BUT input clock.
That one at this point is set to Trigger one, so if you are feeding it a clock it will work automatically .
But if it was set to internal that gets cleaned out when rebooting.
The idea is to prevent it from going all crazy with no input.
Thanks ArguZ!

I was thinking the upper section configs for each channel would be idea. The external trigger setting on reboot totally makes sense!

Now I must find a bigger boat………… eek!
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