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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
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Author Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
Just came across this guy. Super cool combination of voice and modular. Very chill and atmospheric.

Live at Berkley Art Museum
Great musician and artist, very smart, nice person too. Often found at Control...
just saw his new record out @ Academy Records -18th St in NYC.
and yeah, he's a pretty great guy - ask him to demo a module at Control, and you'll witness a very creative approach.
he was also featured in WIRE magazine Sept 2017, cover photo and all:
Very nice guy, indeed!

For NYC area locals, he had a hand in curating this, too (it closes next week, though!)

I went the other day; was a joy to see an elderly couple sitting down to have a wiggle on a Lyra 8 and 0-Coast smile
True genius and nice person. I met him at control and i was very impressed by his skills. I totally discovered new way of patching smile
Seems like he is well known then. A new find for me but heavily digging what I've heard so far.
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe was in St. Louis tonight. By sheer chance I heard about it an hour before.

His setup was 4 rows. Very heavy on Make Noise

Stuff I saw in it: Wogglebug, Contour, Optomix, Rene, 4ms Sampler, Mysteron, Morphagene, ALM Pamela's New workout, Dynamix, LDX, Maths, Just Friends, Circuit Bent VCO, something Bastl (I think it was Hendrikson?)
he did an amazing techno set at this last year

looked like basically just a shared system to me, think i snagged a pic but it's maybe long gone...
This man make cool vibes!
Totally love his work too!
I love his old band 90 Day Men. Their LPs To Everybody Panda Park deserved a lot more attention.

He was in the band OM too. Super talented musician with a wide range of talents. Nice guy too.
He always has the most wonderful kick sounds. It's like planets getting sucked into black holes smile
Fog Door
I saw him playing live with OM, he was laying down some middle eastern style vocal melodies, it was amazing, actually better than their records, I could be wrong but I don't think he has ever featured on any of their albums.

He has also done a fantastic collab album with Ariel Kalma called We Know Each Other Somehow. If you haven't heard it, then you really need to hear it. smile
Yep, Rob is a fantastic guy..we have spoken many times at Control in Brooklyn...I am always impressed by his generosity of spirit and time demonstrating and explaining the newest gear!!
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