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Rick pickups into a Jazz bass
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Author Rick pickups into a Jazz bass
Has anyone ever put Rickenbacker pickups into a Jazz bass?

I picked up a Squier Vintage Modified J Bass this past weekend, with plans to modify it. I'm an amateur at installing pickups, but I've done it with success before. What mods would I have to make to the pots or other electronics, to get close to that aggressive Rick sound? I'm fully aware that there is a lot more going on with Rickenbacker electronics that the somewhat simple J Bass ones, but I'm just looking to get close. This is a hobby bass, for shits and giggles.

Cheers and thanks!!!
See this thread -
Sweet Lord. Why on earth would you want a jazz bass to sound like a Ric?
Because a decent JB clone is a hell of a lot cheaper than a Ric, that's why wink

Funny, I was just thinking of this thread the other day when I was working on my Telecaster hack-up project and realized that the Tele pickups are themselves at pretty close to the same positions on the scale (assuming, as in the OP, that we measure from the center point...)
Nothing some routing and wood glue cant do. Just measure twice and cut once.

I have a Jazz that I put a single coil P into the neck position and I love it. I'm all for the Frankenstein stuff.
I have a Fender Jazz and a Rick 4001, the necks are quite similar feel. The big difference for me is the bridge, the Rick has a huge chunk of metal compared to the Jazz's.
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