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Anything into coaxial input?
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Author Anything into coaxial input?
I've got a spare little CRT TV with a coaxial input on the back, and I wanted to find a (cheap) little video synth device to plug into it for fun. Not looking for anything especially fancy, and the little gizmos my searching has been turning up seem to be mostly discontinued. So a couple questions for the pros here:

1. What's your favorite stand-alone, cheap video synth gizmo?
2. Is it possible to find something that could output into a standard coaxial cable input, or do I need to also get a converter (like this, maybe)?

Is this a composite input or for a TV antenna? If it's the latter, then yes, you will need an RF modulator. Otherwise, the simple answer is no.

So, with or without an RF modulator, you're talking about a device that outputs a composite signal. If you can afford a Vidiot, I'd say get that. If not, don't worry. There are a lot of cheaper options. Much, much cheaper options. Of course, they don't do the same thing. E.g. one of my cheapest signal generators is a VGA downscaler that can output test patterns when there's no input. On its own, this isn't very interesting, but it was definitely cheap. Even new, it would've been a lot cheaper than a Vidiot. Now I think about it, that would be a great addon for a Vidiot...

Anyway. The cheapest device I can recommend is a simple CCTV camera with composite out. Point it at the CRT screen for video feedback fun. For more fun, add a video mixer between the CRT and camera. You can then apply whatever effects the mixer has. Add a second camera and mix with the first. Cheap CCTV cameras can be found new almost anywhere, but cheap video mixers can be found on ebay. Add more mixers and more that downscaler I mentioned above. Everything adds to the fun. Different mixers can have different characters. Cameras, too. It's all good and often, particularly when second hand, very cheap.
these are currently sold out but I think they are awesome
This is super helpful. I figure the coax input must be for an antenna, though it doesn't say (I've never used the TV, except as decoration).

And yeah, I'm looking for something a bit more on the cheap and set it and forget it side of things than the Vidiot (though I hadn't seen that before and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with!). The CCTV feedback loop setup also sounds fun.

I really was into what I could find of the Critter and Guitari cellular automata synth, but that seems impossible to find now... But things of that sort are what I was angling for.
Theres a new critter and guittari video synth, but it’s hdmi

The diy one above is called chav... there are also simple diy mixers and switchers out there
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