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Aspen Pittman Spacestation V3 and XL
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Author Aspen Pittman Spacestation V3 and XL
i keep thinking about these ("Center-Point Stereo") things...

supposedly AP still hasn't shipped any XL units yet (anyone manage to get one?). but that one interests me more.

from its specs, the XL model sounds a bit more flexible in terms of i/o. but it's also very heavy (sweetwater catalogue says 65 lbs - although someone who tried the prototype says it's now more like 50 lbs). and i wonder how it sounds at lower volumes compared to v3.
I bought the smaller one unheard, played through it for ten minutes and then put it on Craigslist (sold for $400). The phase games it plays to get a pseudo-stereo field just really bothered my ears. I ended up with a pair of QSC K8.2 monitors and totally love them. Compact and sound great.

Of course, others may love the things, but for me it was an expensive mistake. If at all possible try to hear it before purchase.
thanks for the advice, mmp! how were you using it, btw?

i can imagine how on the one hand it could sound cool amplifying a solo instrument with other instruments going through stereo mains. the v3 seems to have become very popular in the keyboard playing world for this kind of situation.

on the other hand, i can see how it could be fatiguing to listen to on its own, especially with stereo material where you know how it's supposed to sound being fed in and smeared into dipoles or whatever.

and even if one likes the ("blooming") effect, i kind of suspect that they're difficult to record (using microphones, that is) given the weird phasing and directional patterns. maybe a jecklin disk and a pair of small omni condensors would work.

hmm, now i think i'm feeling a bit more interested in line array speaker systems than center point stereo...

Dead Banana

I was looking to use it for live performance as a way to carry less gear.

My day job is audio engineering and as such, I have an overgrown sensitivity to phase issues and this thing was just a no go for that reason. It made my head want to explode. I am sure the same experience would not bother many other human beings and it sounded OK when set as a mono device. It is similar to home “surround” systems that use a bar at the TV. And the speaker is not very high resolution at any setting. Kind of sounded like a larger Roland Cube. What can I say, I am not a fan of this design. I do like many things A.P. has brought into the world, however.

As a result, I decided I needed a true stereo system when I gig and the QSC k8.2s are lighter than the monitors I was using previously and sound WAY better. I am totally impressed with what these sound like for their size. I set the DSP to “Studio” and they deliver a very detailed sound with more than enough low end. I used to think bass had to come from a 15” speaker, but these little guys have proved me wrong.
I have Spacestation v3 (small one). Bought it for synths in the band. At my current rented flat I couldn’t crank it up enough to hear the real sound of it but it was fine in reharsal room. I had to reinforce the bass frequencies with my brothers unused bass amp combo to cut through our loud drummer and guitar player. Without the bass box support it was sort of choking when maxing the volume. Thanks to omnidirectional design the sound fills the room nicely but right placing is critical. Aspen has some video tips on YouTube covering this. Spacestation likes wider stereo sound sources. I had to tweak a bit my patches specifically for SS i.e. spicing it up with stereo choruses, echos, reverbs or panning modulations. Only then I could really appretiate it’s strenghts. Good thing is that with those controls on the back and proper placing you can adapt the sound to your current room though it requires some training in the begining. Don’t expect “stereo” from it, it’s rather weird spatial effect but I like it. I used it for music playback in summer for private garden party along with one directional active Mackie box and it served well, spreading wide sound field.

I would say try to hear one in person, it’s true that its sound might not appeal everyone.

I’m waiting for reviews of bigger version, for me it would make sense to get it for playing in the band and keep the small one for new home where I’ll be less restricted concerning volume levels.
Re. Spacestation v3, I pretty much agree with Cube48.

The pseudo stereo is great for a synth and I don't want to lug two speakers to get true stereo. Unlike true stereo being dead center doesn't really matter much with the Spacestation. On the other hand it doesn't work well outside without walls to bounce on and the overall sound is kind of lo-fi and noisy (not uncommon for instrument amps).

I liked the Spacestation's spatial vibe enough to keep it around, but if somebody local wanted one I'd probably sell it reasonably. These days I happily put out pristine mono with an RCF ART 310-A.

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