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noise swash mini question
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Author noise swash mini question
Hi !

i have built a noise swash and have a question about it

i have it in my effect chain and when it's off it sometimes (depends on settings) make some background noises (it's like it bleed)

i'm asking if it's normal for this unit or if i've done something wrong when i built it. I've check all the cables, all components are at the good places ...

i've seen it's true bypass so i don't really understand how it's possible that some sound comes out even the pedal on off...

Both the mini and max I’ve hadn’t bled into my signal when bypassed. Easily solved with a loop switcher. It didn’t bother me immensely ever, but for sparkly clean recording i would move it out of the signal chain.

Hope that answers your question.
so if i understand well your swashs bleeds into your clean signal when bypassed it's right ?
Yep. It bothered me at first but I liked it a lot once I got over the slight bleed
ok so thinks that it's the design of the pedal ...

so i will have to make a little bypass looper cause i like "clean" tones

is it possible to mod the swash to avoid the add of the bypass looper ?
IF you turn down self osc and gains all the way download it seems to fix the the bleed issue, but the settings you have to keep the pedal on aren’t all that fun. YMMV. It’s a funky pedal but I love the sounds it’s makes.
yes it's really a nice effect
it will be my main "insane" fuzz for noise
i make a new minimal pedalboard with just a few thing and it's great for that
i will have to make a bypass looper for sure ...
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