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This one is not for the compil :)
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Author This one is not for the compil :)
I saw the message Chris posted about a compilation.
I thought yesterday let's do it. Like I use to do, direct take to a stereo track, no DAW work (except for recording and delay/reverb if needed), though I did cut a some place the self-oscillating COF sound which I sent separately to the audio interface (for better control).

Started to check some seq & sounds.
Put the Radio Music right away out of the picture but could not leave the Orgone Accumulator on this one :(
So it won't be this one I'll send to Chris hihi. Sooorry...

I played a bit too loud though tbh! Headache this morning and tinnitus way louder than usually. I broke the rule of 30 mins session max too. So these are the consequences this morning. But it's ok. I had huge fun. And I'm quite used to it anyway.

So... The patch shortly:
The Orgone Accumulator is producing the main sequence and I use the joystick to open more or less the VCA, so the notes of this sequence are shorter (staccato) or longer. I "double" the sound coming out of the OA and sent it to 2 different inputs on the mixer. The second one goes into a filter in HP mode being slowly modulated. We hear this one better in the outro for instance, while I fade the first out.

DRM1 + Xpander for the beat.
You'll remark I fade out the hihat way too quickly (non-linear/log pot?).

The highest note in the mix fading in and out from time to time is generated by the COF filte used here only in self-oscillation mode, modulated by an LFO from the QuadSine. It's the one I added effects to in Logic and also faded in/out (separate track).

I like the sound in the outro btw... I could listen to this and loose track of time, but the long note was way too loud (envelope fully opened on the ADSR), so here too I deviated from my habits and the limits I set to edit it in Logic, by lowering the volume and putting the self-oscillating COF last fading out note louder.


WHATTTT? Such a loooooong talk for THISSS???
T. Jervell
Nice nanners
Awesome Robert we're not worthy
Thanks thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Cool you enjoyed it.

I had time to write my post this morning from an hospital, as I had to bring a neighbour to the emergencies at 6 AM, after he came to wake me up knocking at my door in panic Dead Banana
2.5 hours drive back and forth :(
I'm glad I could help, but it was a lot of stress around.

And I spent the all afternoon after on the phone for something totally different (french administration nonsense) not able to do anything else.

Tough day!

Amazing how some days just flow without control and time just runs out.
Sorry to hear about your troubles, but the vid was absolutely epic applause applause
Nice beat.
Great subwoofer workout.
I need an orgone accumulator. w00t
Merci les amis thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Did you post this excellent track somewhere else, batchas? I have the feeling I already complimented it, possibly on FB? And said something about that COF space sweep... or was that another, but similarly good track?

Sorry, getting old and confused over here grin Guinness ftw!

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