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anyone have experience with Thomann Music?
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Author anyone have experience with Thomann Music?
I found this LC9 case at Thomann Music for way cheaper than anywhere else...

It seems almost too good to be true. Is this a reputable dealer? does anyone have experience purchasing from them?
Yeah Thomann are legit, that's a good deal! Perhaps there's a reason for it.
Great dealer - bought a lot of gear there for many many years and will continue to do so (including synths, stage pianos, doepfer modules, guitars etc).

One minor issue out of hundreds of purchases, sorted out quickly and easily.
They can be great.
I have bought a guitar and a keyboard synth from them... shipped to Florida, both arrived perfect and well packed. I also bought Ableton with push from them when the euro was low beat any usa price by several hundred.
all thumbs up ( 4 since I am still living in my cat body)
Thomann is a gigantic music equipment vendor in Germany. Buy from them with confidence. That's where I got my LC9 case, and all my Doepfer modules.
Legit as fuck. I got tons of equipment from them. They indeed often have great deals. Never had an issue.
Homepage Englisch
Thomann is my favourite dealer. You can make wishlists, search by many criteria and filters, rate and review, and they're quite cheap (I think they're ordering huge bulk, hence the prices). That review of Doepfer LC9 is mine; I saw there's no reviews in English so i wrote one; hopefully it'll help someone.
Yup, they're legit.

The low prices are because they're huge, so they can mark up less, and because they're in Germany, where prices are generally on the low side for just about everything.
fast post too. i would use them again
I nickname them Slowmann, because they're not the quickest to ship abroad. But the service has always been superb. They also offer a great custom flight case building service.
Edit: no text showing after upload. Thats a new one.
Anyway what it should have is:

It's peanut butter jelly time! to them. Bought plenty from them. Never any issues. Had to send my Doepfer MIDI I/F under their (3year!) warranty. Painless two week turn around.
I bought a Doepfer module from them that nobody in the US had in stock. Even with international shipping it was cheaper than US prices too -- and no slower than Perfect Circuit often is in my experience.
Thomann are great and I've never had any issues in years of buying from them.
However... 99.9% of my orders came with Euro style plugs, PSUs and power cables. Which is completely understandable as they are a German company, but probably good to be aware of.
Can confirm. Good dealer. Never had any issues with Thomann.
Thomann is the biggest retailer for everything that has something to do with music and audio here in Germany. I ordered three times from them only in the last three months.

And I never experienced any issue with them, they package their stuff very well, they have always delivered 1-3 workdays after buying, 30 days moneyback for any reason (yes, even if you just send something back, because you dont like the colour)

Once I needed their support, because I ordered to the wrong adress, the package left already their warehouse and they handled everything, so it came to the right adress within one day extra. Plus friendly support.

I know a lot people that buy there (not only musicians, but also people that need equipment for talking on the internet without shit quality or people who buyed PAs there) but I never heard anything bad about Thomann.

Only little minus:

They dont have the biggest diversity when it comes to manufacturers, I think its because smaller manufaturers cant meet their standarts about availability and production cycles.

btw: Ive seen they sort now the modules in categorys, which I think is a good improvement.
hav had no problems buying from thomann from uk. I have lc9 psu3 fully loaded with modules with no issue.though I have no power hungry digital modules to speak of. thumbs up
Do i? The history between us goes 10+ years. Not even one problem with them. They have even took back stuff that was over the 30day try period. They're great!
both them and are pure fire
Likewise, I have had nothing but good experience with Thomann. Once they even shipped my purchase (an accordion) before my bank transfer had cleared. I have been a customer if theirs for a long time, but even so, it is rare to experience such trust in this day and age.
jburzy wrote:
I found this LC9 case at Thomann Music for way cheaper than anywhere else...

It seems almost too good to be true. Is this a reputable dealer? does anyone have experience purchasing from them?

That is basically the standard price for a LC9 in Germany / Europe, all the Doepfer gear is much less expensive in Europe than the U.S, to the point where it's cheaper to buy Doepfer stuff from Germany and have it shipped internationally than it is to buy from a U.S. seller.
drip.feed wrote:
Buy from them with confidence.

^^ All you need to know
Best customer service I have EVER experienced, top notch !
hmmm, from my experience the customer support/service is not really good at thomann.... once i bought a almost new roland system 1m second hand from a friend (he bought it just 3 months before at thomann)...
after some time the cv/gate Inputs stopped to work and i wanted to send it to thomann for replacement or service, but they refused to repair or replace it, even with still 2 year warranty, so in the end i contacted Roland directly and they were so kind to replace the motherboard without extra costs, that i call great customer support!

I even asked thomann if it makes a difference if my friend send it to them, because his name is on the bill, but they told me that he is now responsible for giving me warranty, strange customer support if you ask me... specially if your customer there for many years!

*sorry for my english*
This is fair enough in my opinion.

when you buy second hand you risk not being able to return it to the shop.

Thomann should have offered to send the time to Roland as your consumer rights are to expect a product to work for at least a year, but when you change owner, you no longer have a contract with Thomann, you have a contract with the seller.

however I think there is nothing to stop your friend from returning it. that was bad/incorrect advice from Thomann.
Bought from Thomas for more than 20 years. Can’t go wrong. thumbs up
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