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Korg Mono/poly stopped making sound
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Author Korg Mono/poly stopped making sound
Hey guys, just recently got a Korg Mono/poly which seemed to be in decent condition. Used her for a few weeks with no issue, then out of the blue stopped making sound. It does however make a faint hiss/white noise when I press the keys. This can be heard via output and phones. It can also be manipulated with the VCA, but nothing else. All the LEDs function properly. Anyone have any clue what’s up with it?
if you turn the resonance all the way up, and move the cutoff, do you hear any oscillation? my friends did this once and i just reseated his filter chip that was in a socket and it was good again.
I’m not in the studio now, but if I remember correctly, it didnt hear any oscillation with that setting. I will try again tho. Thanks!
If I were you i would first make sure the power supply is ok and doesn't send crazy voltages through the voice cards.
Open it, take as many pictures of the connectors as you can and then unplug all the cards. Then check all the voltages coming out of the power supply. Should be a clean +15V / - 15V

If everything seem ok then you can reconnect the voice cards with the help of the photos.

Power supply failure is the most probable cause, then of course you need to check the SSM chips.
It's probably not the ssm2033 vco ic's since all the voices are affected.

Maybe the VCF chip of the VCA section...
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