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Transient Modules Breadboard Power supply Questtion
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Author Transient Modules Breadboard Power supply Questtion
I recently recieved one of these little dudes from Thonk (thanks guys) and after assembling it I found that is does not fit on my breadboard. Wah Wah... unfortunately my breadboard is too large for it anyone else encounter this?
I just assembled one and found it was too big for my breadboard.

It's a faint disappointment, and nowhere near being the super-convenient building block I had hoped. But the unit is still usable if I don't bother with the board pins on one side and use a jumper to attach to the breadboard.

seriously, i just don't get it
fitted fine to the breadboard I have.
Fits all the breadboards i have tried it on.
I was looking to get one of these to help test some DIY circuits before soldering. Lets say I do and it doesn't fit my breadboard - would a jumper clipped onto the appropriate pins of the power header be the way to go about bodging it to work?

Alternatively, is there a way I can just skip the Transient Module altogether and just do the same jumper trick to the FC power board I have. Excuse me if this is a ludicrously dumb (or dangerous) question... I'm new here.
Sure, you could just go straight from your power supply to the breadboard, nothing's electrically stopping you from that. This board is almost just that, but it adds some reverse power protection and minor power filtering. It looks like it's designed roughly similar to the power input section of most eurorack (and other formats too?) modules. Depending on your rack's power supply, you might be able to damage it if you accidentally short the rails on your breadboard without some form of protection like this Transient Modules board. Then again, your supply might handle it just fine, or you might never accidentally short your breadboard.

I think most people just use a separate power supply, though. Either they have proper bench power supplies which are way better for testing prototypes anyway, or they have a sacrificial supply that isn't actually powering their main rack. Maybe it's an old one they grew out of, or maybe it's one they bought or built specifically to use as a testing supply. I see Frequency Central's FC Power recommended a lot for that, and I can tell you from experience it's a wonderfully easy build.
Ah, ok. That all makes sense. Thanks for the info! I have shorted a couple of breadboards in the past so I am wary of doing anything without adequate protection.

I already have all the parts for another FC Power and I was thinking of buying another board to build a testing case anyway. Perhaps this is the best method, unless I stumble across a good bench supply on Ebay before then.

edit: nvm
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