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Question about Bitwig modulation
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Author Question about Bitwig modulation
In Five12’s Numerology one can set up a step sequencer and then use an LFO to modulate say the length of the sequence. You can even modulate say the value of the last note in the sequence with an LFO.

Can either of these things be done in Bitwig?
I'm not 100% certain but fairly confident you can't. The modulators are selected in the devices and then applied to device macro controls. As far as I'm aware there is no option to select a modulator for a clip. Hope someone proves me wrong though - would be cool.
You can do this, there is a specific step modulator for sequencing Synth, which can be modulated itself by whatever, even another step modulator, lfo or random.

Max step for the synth sequencer is 16 step, 64 for the seq modulator.
You can modulate each note on the synth sequencer, not on the seq modulator. each can have his lenght modulated, I guess you can contourn this by modulating a note filter
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