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Apps for older iPads?
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Author Apps for older iPads?
I have an iPad 2, most apps I've looked at won't run on this older generation or get updated out of being able to.

Any recommendations appreciated. I know I can't be the only one!
Richie Jape
haha i have an ipad 2 as well

i've a good few music apps on there ...

two of the most used are samplr and fugue machine ( wish there was a euro rack version of this app ) highly recommended ..

patterning is cool enough too ...

both those shine when used in a dock and then controlling d'machines smile

and a load more - animoog and the filter from moog ok

i also try to not update if something is working ...

ive had this ipad for about 8/9 years and am quite attached to it

the price of the new ones is stupid if you ask me

best of luck
I agree, you can do a lot of things with old iPads. Especially if you have some interface or dock to connect audio and MIDI to the modular system. Then the iPad becomes some kind of universal module in your system for all kinds of tasks. Be it a simple oscilloscope, an effect device, a sequencer (with MIDI input), a synth voice. It can also be used for syncing a modular system or skiff to Ableton Link and MIDI clock.

Although there's another option without the need for an interface, connecting audio, MIDI, OSC via USB to a computer or at least a Windows tablet. With the Studiomux app. Or with Midimux for MIDI and OSC only.

Next to the above mentioned sequencers there are a couple of other note generators that run on iPad2:

- Quantum and Midisequencer: classic step sequencer with lots of ornamental options, ratchets, CC out, ...

- Mid East Drummer, Different Drummer, Drumjam, Earhoof, DM2, Funkbox, etc.: great drum sequencers and beatboxes with probability, variations. Touchscreen optimised for live interacting.

- Xynthesizr: multichannel sequencer with game-of-life dynamic note output

- littleMIDI: simple but very useful step sequencer, and free

- Senode: nodal based sequencer

- NodeBeat: note generator, also with nodes, but different

- Refraktions

- Snap: Reactable's approach to euclidian sequencing. Useful to quickly sketch some patterns

- then there are DAW-like sequencers like Modstep and Auria that run on older iOS and iPad2. Also, as I just found out, Beatmaker 3 is working too.

That was just the sequencer/drum machine part. All mentioned apps have MIDI output. For audio there are also a couple of good apps for older devices. Frekvens, apeFilter, apeDelay, Kuvert, Filtatron, AltiSpace, ToneStack, VoiceRack, VoiceJamStudio, 6144, Svep, Duplikat, waverails, BandShift, RoughRider2, Eos 2, Nebulizer, MasterRecord, svarm, Harmony Voice, VoxSyn.

Synths: Geo Synth, StringEnsemble, Arturia iSEM, Laplace, Mersenne, Audulus 3, iMS-20, Soundbow, zMors Modular, MobMuPlat, Borderlands, Infinite, WaveGenerator, WaveMapper, Scythe, TeraSynth, Cube Synth, Addictive Synth, TC-11, Impaktor, EHX Mini Synth, Thor, Animoog. There are also some microtonal synths: Dhalang, Wilsonic, Droneo, WorldScales, Gender, Sunrizer, Shoom, saz-santoor. ScaleGen is a translator app, but myself I couldn't find a way to use it. So I hesitate to recommend ScaleGen.

controllers: Lemur, TouchOSC, TC-data, Trigger Box, midiLFOs, Clawtar, Konkreet Performer. There are also some good MCU emulations and device specific controllers (RME interfaces, QSC mixers, etc.).

Interestingly, all my 30-pin interfaces made for iOS, iRigMIDI, Tascam iU2 and Apogee Duet, have become really stable and reliable with higher iOS versions. Especially the iU2 used to lose MIDI and/or audio in the middle of a session with iOS 5 or 6, it was hardly usable. Now I can use my iPad2 with the iU2 for days without rebooting, everything works as it should. That's really great. Buying a used iPad2 is not a bad idea. First, these available apps are great. Second, they use not much energy. You can power an iPad2 from any 500mA USB port without draining the battery (it will remain at 100% charge), which is an advantage. Newer iPads lose battery charge while attached to a computer USB port (depending on the usage). Third, iPad2 has less resolution, which can be an advantage in some apps. In Lemur for example I have a better performance with iPad2 than with iPad4.

There's another useful app called element-Vs from Tangent Devices. It emulates the Element Colour Grading devices from the same company. The app is not cheap, but since the Element devices are integrated in applications like Resolve, Resolve Lite, Premiere Pro, Nucoda, Scratch, Capture One, it is worth the money if you work with video and photography. And you can use the app on as many iPads as you wish. I have 4, and have all 4 Element panels available at the same time. At first it may even slow down your workflow until you have learned how to use the Element emulation, but after that it really speeds up the entire process. The app is very reliable, connects automatically when the wifi network is up, and adopts automatically to each application that is running on the computer.

Again, just to make it clear, these are all apps that run on an iPad2. Verified and tested since many years. There are a couple of other interesting apps available today, but they run on iOS 10 and higher. These are not on this list.
The Korg synth apps work, I have an old iPad 2 I use just for these(M1, MS20 and Wavestation) plus stuff as mentioned above like Xynthesizr, which I love.

I'd also recommend getting an Alesis IO. The first gen versions with the 30 pin connector are very cheap on eBay and add excellent connectivity.
iMaschine is a pretty nice app to create ideas pretty fast.
it features 4 tracks to which you can either assign a drumpad oder a keyboard and then record accordingly.
it comes with a pretty big sample library but of course you can purchase native instuments packs to expand the library.

they have version 1 and 2, as where the first version is a little bit lighter. version 2 allows you to create scenes and thus allows you more freedom in terms of arranging. but the GUI is more or less the same with both.

it's not suitable for making entire tracks, but it is pretty neat to create some loops and/or ideas for later pursuit in your daw. you can export the track as audio or as a maschine file should you have a real maschine at home hmmm.....
I use it on my iphone whenever I'm on the road
For what it’s worth, I tried to use Patterning on my iPad 2 and it wouldn’t work properly. Potentially just user error but i couldn’t get it to make any sound
Patterning works here (iPad2). Maybe try deleting and redownloading the app.
So I guess you cannot re-download the older version of an app for you iPad if you bought the app back then?
Patterning, the version that runs on older iPads, is still available at the app store. Patterning 2, the version that needs newer iPads running 64-bit CPUs, is a different app. So it should work re-downloading Patterning.
Jean Luc Cougar
I’m using Korg Gadget and the M1 on mine.
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