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TX-series PSU?
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Author TX-series PSU?
I had a TX-series PSU from USA (ADU120150). I tested the PSU with a USA-to-EU power plug adaptor. Without anything connected. For some strange reason the PSU started make a sharp noise and then it started to smoke and then the house fuse blew off.

Why did the PSU get destroyed? I understand that the Metasonix website says that "If you're in Europe or other countries having 220-230v 50Hz power, these adapters are NOT USABLE. It is STRONGLY recommended that you obtain an AC-AC adapter made especially for your local AC mains power. " but I didn't think there would be any danger of hardware damage unless I'd plug something in.

So the Metasonix website recommends three PSU's. Two of them are very bulky -60-w-max-geeignet-zur-aussenanwendung-610270.html?sc.ref=Search%20Res ults
or -60-w-max-geeignet-zur-aussenanwendung-610270.html?sc.ref=Search%20Res ults

The third on would be suitable for my needs (to power one device):
but how do I know that the PSU won'tblow up when I'll need to use UK-EU powe plug adaptor? Also the website doesn't seem to ship outside UK.

Any other recommendations?
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