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Single Cycle Waveform Editor
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Author Single Cycle Waveform Editor
Today Sheets of Sound made live a Single Cycle Waveform editor, all in the browser with each sample being downloadable at anytime.

Darwin Grosse programmed this awesome single cycle waveform editor, all in the browser - so rad!

The SCW Editor by Sheets of Sound, is a single cycle wave form generator & editor built on a light weight web audio platform. The level of possibilities within the editor are quite complex, with two sections. Main & Mix-In, and an array of controls.

None of this editing goes to waste, at any time you can render out your sample to your hard rive and head off to your favorite DAW or Hardware.

You can find the editor here:

Any inquires, check here:

The Grump
Very cool tool! Thanks! Will be using it to load my Evolver with new User waveforms.
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