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Running Software Synths Through Guitar Pedals
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Author Running Software Synths Through Guitar Pedals
I've been wanting to experiment with running softsynths through pedals for a while. From reading other posts on the subject, it seems the line level outputs on an audio interface will be fine to run through pedals, but some people suggest a DI box when going back in. Does anyone have experience with this?
Yes, you will need something to knock the signal down to instrument level (and ideally impedance) coming out of the computer and then something to bring the level (and ideally impedance) back to line level once it comes out of the pedal.

The former is generally referred to as a Reamp (which is actually a brand name but there are many similarly functioning items on the market) and the latter is a preamp. There are some things that combine both these functions, I use the Pigtronix Keymaster and highly recommend it.
I've done it without any special devices, just straight out of the interface and then back in. It worked in my case, but that doesn't mean that it was ideal. Just try it seriously, i just don't get it
It depends on the pedal; anything digital should be fine with line level, but some analog pedals (especially fuzzes) expect certain impedences and need a reamp setup.
Thanks for the info y'all. I will invest in a DI (was going to for guitar anyway) and eventually add a reamp.
What's your interface? Some these days are building that ability right end—I've got an Apogee Ensemble that does it well. Not sure if they have that feature on their entire range... might be easily doable with their I/O software.
Depends on the pedal.

Most digital pedals seem to be fine with line levels.

But many overdrive, fuzz, and other analog pedals are designed to expect an instrument level. If that's the case, you'll need a reamp box (or attenuator), and a DI box to get the instrument level back up to line levels.

Try the pedal, if it sounds god awful and distorts and clips, you probably need a reamp box. If it sounds fine, you're good.
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