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Digisound in eurorack
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Author Digisound in eurorack
I have been reissuing some Digisound modules in eurorack.
Last year I made the VCDO and VCO/LFO.
2 more modules will be released this month.
And more should follow...

Eagle and FPE files are available for download.
All modules are under CC BY-NC-SA license.

They look fantastic, nice work!
Thanks a lot !

Since it seems some people have trouble to find the links to the files, here they are.
Did you find the EPROM content somewhere, or did you find a way around this (ie. program content yourself)?
Jarno wrote:
Did you find the EPROM content somewhere, or did you find a way around this (ie. program content yourself)?

I did build several VCDO modules in the past.
And I still have the original EPROM file.
here it is:

I do not recommend to use 2716 EPROM chips because it draws too much current from the 5V rail.
28C16 EEPROM will work the same and your power supply will thank you.
Going to try my hand at a few of these. Now that the CEM chips are back in production it would be neat to recreate a few of the old kit modulars.
I planned to do the Digisound 80 and Aries after that. Thanks for the share!
You're welcome.

Here are the links to the Mouser BOMs.
VCDO: 734bfd
VCO/LFO 2d67de
Some news...
I have been quite busy adapting other Digisound modules to eurorack.
Now the following modules are available:
- 80-21 VCDO
- 80-2/3 VCO/LFO
- 80-6A VCF (LP, HP, BP, PS)
- 80-9A Dual VCA
- 80-4A VC Mixer
- 80-12 Noise/S&H
- 80-11A Dual Ring Mod
- 80-5 Processor

More info here:

The 80-18 Dual ADSR should be available soon.

For the experienced DIYers, here is my github with all the files needed to build the modules:

For those who are interested in PCBs, full kits or built modules, please have a look at the order topic.
VCDO(s) and other euro Digisound modules in action:
Some more info...
The modules are intended to be built with the THONKICONN jack sockets:
And the Alpha 9mm vertical pots from Thonk:
I recommend the D-shaft pots to be used with the D-shaft 1900 clone knobs.
9mm vertical pots cannot be used for:
- the rate of the Noise/S&H module
- the Lag time of the Processor module
And the PCBs are designed accordingly.
For the S&H rate, I used this:
For the Lag time, you need to find a 16mm 2M log pot.
Very interested in this project. Thank you for making it a reality. Guinness ftw!
awesome. thanks for your work!
You're welcome, guys !
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