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Klavis - Quadigy - Quad Envelope Generator
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Author Klavis - Quadigy - Quad Envelope Generator
<<< Contest is over - jump to the post down there >>>

Want to win a quad programmable envelope generator? eek!
Give it a name! The person whose suggestion is retained will get this forthcoming Klavis module for free. Rockin' Banana!

You may have a look at our other products to be in the right naming feeling. Send as many as you find love

Valid answers are only by sending your email to
This way your priority is confirmed if needed.
The follow-up will be published here.

We have trouble finding a name for this new baby. seriously, i just don't get it
Time is running and we're getting nervous.
We have finished the hardware and are busy with the code.

Don't ask for the actual front panel view.
It is deliberately that we keep it under wraps for now.

I'm curious to see what names will come up. cool
Let's the fun begin. w00t

Can one person suggest multiple names?
listentoaheartbeat wrote:
Can one person suggest multiple names?

Good point!
As many as you find love
I've updated the main post.

Thank you.
Looks great! applause
"Post Office"
"Air Mail"

Buttons ARE toys
How about

"Dopest Slopes I Envaloped" screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo

But in all seriousness, this is a really fun idea and I'll be sending some real entries! nanners
How about EnvFluct
Emailed w00t

SWAG QUADSR applause
(emailed suggestions)

"Quattro Stagioni", as in

"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", or just "Four Horsemen" for short, as in

"Quarks", and the four channels could be named "top", "charm", "strange" and "bottom", as in See See also,_Strangeness_and_Charm for a cultural reference point.

"Nucleotides", or "Nucleobases", and the 4 channels could be named adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine (or uracil for RNA), as in
Off road (4x4, get it?? hihi
Flowing quartet
“Klavis Quadralope”... it just rolls off the tongue! Miley Cyrus
Wow! I didn't imagine such response! screaming goo yo
I'm overflowed by name suggestions. A rough estimate is already over 500 !!! eek!
You know "be careful what you wish for, it might just come true" ?
That's exactly what happens here. Thank you for keeping me busy lol

Submissions will be accepted till midnight GMT this Sunday 11 March.
a.k.a. zero hour when Monday begins.
To know when is that time at your place, check here.

There was a lot of activity on Facebook; I've seen several suggestions without the required e-mail for a valid entry!
I repeat: only e-mails received at will be accounted.

The names received cover every possible approach in mythology, geology, genetics, romance, chemistry, geometry, poker, automotive, word plays, acronyms, poetry, translations, Latin, language mix, imaginary words, and plain goofiness thumbs up

As expected, the postal domain was explored too, culminating with "Klavis goes postal" grin Not what I'd like to see on the panel, but was a good laugh. Thanks.

Some suggestions left me puzzled. So strange that I wonder what could be the reasoning leading to them. hmmm.....

Plenty of "4" related prefixes "Four, Quadra, Tetra, and Quad" in the names, the number 4 itself sometimes mangled with the name text.
When not totally disconnected, many cores were made of "env", some "slopes" or "gen", and endings with "lopes".
These text blocks are part of most entries in the contest.

I had proposals to design us the front panel ... for free. Wow!
That's enthusiasm and kindness all wrapped up.
It won't be necessary, cos the panel was designed long before we commit to the electronic board layout.
Great thanks anyway.

It was also good to read nice comments from users enjoying their Klavis modules with the Twin waves at the forefront of their praise.

I expect to select the winning name on Monday (European time).

A great thank you to all. cool

Top ten rejected names for Klavis' forthcoming quad programmable envelope:

Not Your Daddy's Envelope
The Four Mothers of Envention

(remember, these are rejected names)

Warp Four, Captain!
Four on the Floor

And the number one rejected name for Klavis' forthcoming quad programmable envelope:

The Mod Quad
gonkulator wrote:
Top ten rejected names for Klavis' forthcoming quad programmable envelope:

Good list thumbs up
Some actual entries are damn close to those you listed (if not exactly the same - I should check). lol
not this shit again
Fast Four or the fast four, Snappy four, Snappy set, the Snappies

(Please make it as snappy and fast like the WMD SSF env)
The Junglechrist
Sent !
it's ok you know, you can already announced that I won, no big deal applause
Good fun!
The contest is now over.
In fact, it was over this morning at zero hour GMT

I took me some time to read 200+ emails, many of them with several proposals. Choosing the name wasn't easier either.

Surprisingly, the winning suggestion was in plain sight from the beginning. eek!

The product description that will also be printed on the panel, just under the module name is : Quad programmable Envelope Generator.
From that, Dan Arnoux, our winner, thought of Quad EG, but written Quadigy.

I really like the subtle wordplay and the feel similar to prodigy.
It also fits well with the other Klavis module names: Twin waves, Logica and Mixwitch.

So, ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Klavis Quadigy ! applause
Meh I liked mine better


Very curious as to all the functionality of this module. Can't wait to see a pic of the panel! Good stuff and thanks for the fun.
Cool! w00t
PolarIceCaves wrote:
Very curious as to all the functionality of this module. Can't wait to see a pic of the panel! Good stuff and thanks for the fun.

Here is a low res image with labels purposely too small.

Sorry, for not providing more for now; it's still a bit early.
We have the Superbooth in a few weeks.
I'll be back with more info very soon.

Thanks for the interest.

Great name, congrats Dan!
4DSR is better than quadigy
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