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Author Chrome
Not sure why, but this band convinced me it would be a good idea to buy some modular and make music after a 25 years hiatus. That was about a year ago and I'm still at it!

chrome It's peanut butter jelly time!
a favorite of mine for 20+ years, but... modular? the only synth they were using back then was a Moog 'Liberation' (and rather sparsely at that)...

all you need is a guitar, a DAW, and some imagination.

EDIT: maybe i'm missing the point? there are a number of acts that have sparked my need to make music, and with many of them i can't say that i use similar gear or sound anything like them. like with Chrome, for example.
Well Damon Edge is credited with playing Buklahs on Half Machine Lips Move if that helps.
true, forgot about that. still, the last thing that would spring to mind when hearing Chrome is "gotta buy a modular!" ... with them, the "studio" (Edge's living room for the first few releases, i guess) is the instrument.

...but like i said, inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Chrome have inspired me in similar ways, not even sure why i commented. i probably would have thought/said the same if he had mentioned Pink Floyd, who was also a huge inspiration (through their use of delay fx and "space").
The best music simply inspires... nobody associated any of this with specific equipment.

If there's one takeaway it's following one's own path as so many did: Chrome, Suicide, Pere Ubu, This Heat, Tuxedomoon, DNA, Cabaret Voltaire, Philippe Doray, Carlos Alvarado Perea (Decibel/Via Lactea etc.), Aksak Maboul, Uli Trepte (Spacebox), Magical Power Mako, Todd Tamanend Clark (early projects) ETC ETC...........

You're inspired to get a modular because modular is now "THERE" -- and it's the way forward for YOU... so go follow your path, don't sweat it.

Accept the inspiration as a gift, the more you try to break it down or analyze what a particular artist did or view it as anything less than a whole, it will kill the magic... fill it up instead with your own sound!!!!
As I said 'Not sure why' but I think the modular part came from not wanting to get trapped by a particular sound as one might if they bought a hard wired synth. I've done that before.
I take their sound as an inspiration but I don't necessarily want to sound like them.
I love the idea as the studio as an instrument. I've got guitars, pedals and a piano and my boy has a drum kit so I'm not going to limit myself to modulars. It does make an excellent backbone to any studio though.
I'm glad they sparked the interest in me . It's a lot of fun for sure!

This is fun!
I guess the Chrome signature sound is the phaser guitar. They got the sound just right. And I'm still wondering if they patched the phaser before or after the distortion/amp stage. My guess is it (the phaser) was at the end of the signal chain. More complicated to do, but really great sound.

On one solo album, "The Wind Is Talking", Damon Edge dedicated one side of the album entirely for an electronic composition. It's quite a well done piece.

But I agree, if one is interested in the synth part of the Chrome sound, a single monosynth is sufficient, and not even necessarily needed. They used synths rather for effect and background sounds, not typically as instruments.
chrome had a more electronic ambience or atmosphere to their sound, yeah effect use, vocal processing, phaser etc last year i saw the newer chrome, was pretty good, kind felt like a fan boy talking to helios creed, i also like the damon edge solo or damon edge alone as chrome, just kind has a more obscure vibe that i like
To sound like Chrome buy every phaser you can find and put them on everything wink
Not seeing Damien and Helios together was one of the big disappointments of my musical life. We'd (first husband) and I just moved to SF and were all set to catch their next local show, we may have even bought advance tickets. Then they cancelled the show and split up.

I saw Helios Creed live at the Mabuhay one night. It wasn't one of his better shows. He leaned forward from the stage and bit me. I don't mean a nibble or a hickey, I mean a hard bite. I backed off, nonplussed, so he tried it again on another young woman, and she threw her drink in his face.

I still love the music, though.
Chrome and Helios Creed have been a huge inspiration for me too. I’ve seen Hellios Creed twice in the 90’s but never Chrome.
Been hearing them for decades - a bit of a hit or miss band.

I remember getting Creed's first solo, X-Rated Fairy Tales, when it was released sometime in the mid 80s, and hating it. Wish I still had it to give it another spin.

Though I relate Chrome with guitar - good bit of distortion and, especially, phasers gone wild - but nothing necessarily modular.

On analogue synth per say, at around the time Chrome was around, there was this madcap duet, making the most outrageous electronica via primitive drum machines and an ARP. Unfortunately, couldn't find their magnum opus, Jobs for America, in its entirety and its has never been reissued. But found a few snippets on Youtube:

MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Artist Discussion  
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