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Tuning individual quantussy oscillators
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Author Tuning individual quantussy oscillators
For those who have a Coco2, how are each of the five oscillators tuned relative to each other?

I noticed that at the beginning of Hainbach's video, when he uses two of the oscillators for at audio rate to sample, the two he used wer pretty close in pitch. It seems that all five of mine are pretty different from each other.
I think what you're asking can break down to two questions. One is how close the five oscillators are to each other with no chaos applied, with the range switches set the same. A related question is how well they track together in each of the three ranges, over the span of the initial frequency knob.

I've observed the oscillators in my Coco V1 Quantussy do seem to track fairly closely, but this is just an impression and I now want to look at it more closely.

It would be quite odd to find that one of the oscillators was off by very much from the others, because the components in all of them are identical.
The Grump
You know... at first I kind of scoffed at the question, but figured it bore consideration, so I investigated, and found something rather fascinating: All of the oscillators are tuned differently from one another. If we call the oscillator closest to us #1, and cycle in a clockwise order, at Chaos=0, the tunings on my CQ2 are:


The relationships appear to be identical in high or medium range, and I didn't test in low. Are these (mis)alignments deliberate? This is something of a mystery, and now I'm intrigued. It certainly adds to the untamability of the little wooden beast. It certainly puts things in a whole new light, as it makes each oscillator pairing utterly unique, and thus each cross-mod configuration. So even just by rotating the cross-mod configuration, and tapping the same oscillator, relative to its cross-mod siblings, one still gets a different output.
Yes, they are all off, I think pretty much to the relationship The Grump posted. It certainly adds variance, I would think that to be deliberate. All pairings are indeed unique, which makes the lightshow mode so much fun.
After all of my quantussy investigations, I did not know this! I'm going to measure mine and then see if I can replicate by tuning the oscillators in my Quantisise to the same relative initial pitches.
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