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solved: Bastl Little Nerd DIY troubleshooting help
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Author solved: Bastl Little Nerd DIY troubleshooting help
My ICs were both in backwards. very frustrating

Sorry for the noise in the DIY forum. I went through this list and spotted my problem quickly:

I am learning. Sorry again!

Hi there! I built a Little Nerd DIY from a kit. It doesn't work smile I'm hoping some folks might be able to guide me on how to troubleshoot it. I also know Bastl has a DIY help email, and I'll be sending this to them as well.

Here are shots of the build pieces, as best I could:
(higher resolution here:

When I power it up, I do not see any activity in LEDs or any voltage coming out of the jacks.

I gave all three boards a careful going-over and I cleaned up some solder joints that looked dodgy or improperly formed. it's definitely possible there is still a problem I suppose.

Apart from doing the basic scan for missed solder connections, bridges, etc, how do I go about troubleshooting this? I have a multimeter of course, but I'm really not sure where I would start with this.

Any advice appreciated, and if there's any more info or better photos I can provide, happy to do so.

Ah, the old flipperoo.

I'm glad you mentioned it, since mine's not working properly I double-checked the chip orientation. Unfortunately mine's correct so it must be something else. Glad you got it working!
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