Whatcha think of a more compact, lighter 5U format? (fishin'

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"New" 5U 1" Grid Module Line...

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I wouldn't screw that in _your_ rack!
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Re: Whatcha think of a more compact, lighter 5U format? (fis

Post by doctorvague » Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:34 am

bridechamber wrote:So... I guess I'm fishin' here. I had a lot of trouble moving my big ol' 5U to a Euro format geekfest, while the Euro folks of course hardly broke a sweat. So's I got to thinking of how to make things lighter. The obvious answer is to go Euro, but I can't abide the 1/8" jacks!!!!!
Dotcom portable cabs are not heavy IMO. I've hauled mine for studio gigs. Not a big deal. I'm wrestling with the same issue though, as I love my walnut cabs and need to to switch to all portables to move it around easily. Crowding knobs on small panels is not the answer for me. That bugged me about Euro more than the jacks - the crowdedness of the panels drove me crazy. You need needle-nose pliers to get to the knobs in a dense patch. I'm not a noodler, I'm a knob twisting freak so I would always lean away from crowded knob module designs. The Encore UEG is an exception, but I like the basic knob and jack density of MOTM and dotcom format panels as they are. They're pretty perfect in that regard IMO.

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Post by pugix » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:04 am

sduck wrote:
J3RK wrote: Davies 1900H and 1/4" looks beautiful! That may be a good way to go.
Here's some examples of lots of knobs and functionality packed into small 1U panels -


These knobs, although crammed in pretty tight, are no problem to work with. And you could probably get even more of them on one of these panels.

The one thing I like to stick with is the standard motm jack grid - I like having all my jacks down at the bottom, and I don't think compressing them even more is a good idea. At least with my fingers, manipulating cords in and out of tight patches is fine at this spacing, but any tighter and things would get hairy.
I like! :tu:

Those look similar to some of my Blacet conversions, e.g.
http://pugix.com/synth/blacet-io-2225-i ... tetrigger/

In fact the circular 'tick' marks look just like mine. Did you take them from one of my panels? If so, that's just what I hope people will do. A great thing about FPE is once you get a design pattern you can copy and paste it forever.

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Post by sduck » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:32 am

Thanks Richard; and yes! I stole the basic concept from your io-2225 panel. I've downloaded just about everything from modularsynthpanels, your site, Dave Brown's site, and others, and use little pieces parts from all of it.
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Post by slovo » Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:08 pm

Luka wrote:5U offers enough space to pack a lot of features onto a panel
everything can have cv input attenuators, extra utilities and still space to move

Luka, that is such a gorgeous panel!! Is it yours? Tell me all about it omg *_*
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Post by bridechamber » Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:12 pm

Regarding the "5U vs. compactness" thing, I just thought it would be nice to have a portable 1/4"-jack system. The dichotomy truly is only apparent -- it's not about space for some of us, but those big ol' jacks.

I should have thought about weight before getting a cabinet that's 4 rows of 48U!

But just for gigging or ease of patching in a simple sequence, I thought the Voice would be especially nice -- VCO, BP/ LP VCF, VCA, EG, LFO, Variable Noise in 1U.

They would definitely be in MOTM panel sizes, and have power for MOTM, DotCom, ModCan.

I love CMS and Teknik panels. Those are my favorite designs.

I may just do small, one-time runs of PCBs, and a mass of 16-hole panels that can be used by anyone for anything, painted and unscreened.

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Post by Henfield » Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:53 pm

If your goal is to reduce weight, I think that others have already mentioned that Roger at Dotcom already has this figured out with aluminum faceplates, wooden mounting rails, and mounting PCBs parallel to the faceplate (eliminating cabinet depth and steel mounting brackets).

Another way to reduce cabinet weight is to remove the power supply from the cabinet as well.

I have flirted with building a suitcase synth using 5U modules for a long time, and I have finally decided to make it happen. I will have modules mounted into a suitcase within the next month. The issue I am still working on is power, as the Dotcom QPS2 is undersized for my use (13 Dotcom Modules - 330 mV). I have a smaller Power One that puts out 400 mV and I need to figure out if I will mount it internally or externally and then use the Dotcom wiring harness or STG distribution board.

Without the shallow depth of the Dotcom modules, I could not make this happen with the Zero Halliburton case that I have. If you really want to make this new module style to work, the modules need to be very shallow.

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Post by Luka » Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:59 pm

slovo wrote:
Luka wrote:5U offers enough space to pack a lot of features onto a panel
everything can have cv input attenuators, extra utilities and still space to move

Luka, that is such a gorgeous panel!! Is it yours? Tell me all about it omg *_*
Yup, this is my t-zero vco bank (ian fritz teezer) check my blog below for more shots of system or in the diy section.

I think it is easier for euro to break thier gird patterns as every euro system seems to be in a state of flux. They buy and sell modules all the time. 5u systems seem to just grow or get built upto a point and stop so people are more considerate of keeping consistancy in their cabinets so they are a bit precious about more 5u fromats coming out.

Us diy kids are making the most of it though :)

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