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Eventide SPACE weird noise issue..
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Author Eventide SPACE weird noise issue..
wondering if any other SPACE using wigglers have any thoughts....

My SPACE just seems to have developed a weird issue : quite a prominent crackling on just the Right output... seems to vary depending on what type
of algorithm I'm on too - big reverbs like Shimmer, Blackhole etc are the worst.

I've deffo eliminated cables & other equipment by multiple swaps of both : it's definitely the SPACE.

Although it's on the right-hand output, I only get it
if something is connected to an input jack though : leave just the outs connected & it's silent, but is this just a common pedal thing of the circuit not being 'made' unless at least an in & an out is connected ?

After a lot of head-scratching & cable swapping I thought I'd look at the walwart PSU : I have got a lot of them & other mains all shoved into a tight spot at the back of my rig.

It was noticable just how hot the Eventide PSU was - considerably warmer than any other typical 9 -12V type PSUs I've got connected into other gear.

I unplugged it, let it cool for a few minutes & then replugged it in on a different socket on my 6-way plugboard : the crackling had gone, pretty much totally... the odd 'ping', possibly.... seriously, i just don't get it

I wonder - could this be the issue ? And if so, is a hot wallwart a symptom of the PSU, or a fault with the pedal causing the PSU to run too hot ?

hmmm..... This is a bit beyond my level of knowledge now... Sadly I don't have another Eventide PSU or any rated quite the same to swap it with.

sorry for rambling. Any thoughts greatly appreciated !
Bad memory? -and-crackling-noise
cheers man - yeah that could be it. thanks
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