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Buchla & MaxMSP Patches
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Author Buchla & MaxMSP Patches
Controlling Buchla 200e with MaxMSP via ES-8. First recorded patch:
Love it!
Way cool!
Idea #2:
love these smile any chance you would want to share your max patches? trying to learn max4modular as well, would be curious to see how your doing it!!
Awesome. I'm thinking of working a similar way myself with at fairly small Buchla setup - initially at least.

Has anyone used a Motu Ultralite or similar audio interface to control a Buchla instead of the ES-8?
I'm using a MOTU ultralite mk3 to control my serge R*S panel. I know many do with buchla stuff too, its all the same. It works well, although i have found it annoying to set up and get going with when you just want to jam. You will also need some kind of format jumbler, which are easy and good but its another level of cords and set up. Probably not such a problem if your set up doesn't live under your bed, lol.

Also, max is extremely open-ended and boundless - In my experience it helps to have a specific concept about what you want to do musically or it just creatively smothers me. I started out with this set up and found myself just pining for a constrained, external sequencer. Now, I'll use max for more specific/conceptual ideas - like generating CV from rainforest sounds etc.

I've been meaning to make a muffwiggler post but you can actually calibrate max/msp and your interface with Silent way, and use the calibration weights that Silent Way creates for you in max/msp. I've tested it with a tuner, it works great..
Not sure what is going on, but it sounds GREAT!! Guinness ftw!
I would like to share my max patches but unfortunately these were mid-way through experimenting and they have since evolved and are now complete chaos. hopefully one day I can share something functional.
Wow that's nice!
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