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Hey Klavis! What's this?
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Author Hey Klavis! What's this?
What's this module to the left of the the Mixwitch in the SuperBooth 17 video:

Forumcat #2 ?
Does that say "Dual Stochastic Wave Pattern Generator?"
as far as i remember it was some kind of modulation source where zou can splice waveforms together, also including some randomness.
I wonder if it will be at this year's Superbooth
Looks like an early inception of this: 54988173c1cc3d8ca94

Now known as the Quadigy
euromorcego wrote:
as far as i remember it was some kind of modulation source where zou can splice waveforms together, also including some randomness.

Indeed ! You remember well thumbs up

This prototype is subtitled "Dual Stochastic Wave Pattern Generator" because it's exactly what it does.
You have two identical sections possibly tied to the same master clock and creating wave patterns and sequences according to user-defined randomness options.
The end result gives waves from purely cyclic to completely random and everything in between, which is the most interesting part.
There is also morphing of patterns with Euclidean placement transformation and progressive waveshaping. love

It was a test to see the public's reaction.
The results were mixed because most people found it fascinating but, at the same time "frightening". woah confused
The fact that it compares to nothing readily available, left most people puzzled. Secondly, the heavily labeled panel conveyed an idea of complexity. hmmm.....
Both aspects should be reworked, and while at it, many settings will be brought to pots (instead of menu calls) for live tweaking which is not only reassuring but also more fun.
So, the product is on the back-burner and will reappear later.

In his On The Road: Superbooth 2017 article, Gregory Taylor from Cycling 74 wrote the following:
Klavis – a Belgian Eurorack outfit I confess I hadn’t run across before – absolutely knocked my socks off with something new. No, it wasn’t their divine-sounding Dual LFO/VCO module (although it was amazing), but their pre-release Trancevolver – a dual stochastic wave pattern generator. Do you remember the Korg Wavestation’s ability to sequence waveforms to produce evolving timbres? Imagine that as a way to generate control voltages for your Eurorack bad boys in ways you can store, recall, morph between, and probabilistically clone or mutate on the fly. In short – things we do in Max-land all the time if we’re interested in generating variety, but in a well thought-out Eurorack design.

It won't be at the Superbooth 2018; sorry.
Thank you for being patient.

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