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Replacing a LFO chip in a Yamaha CS-5
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Author Replacing a LFO chip in a Yamaha CS-5
Anybody know how difficult this would be? I remember being told by the guy who sold it to me that its simple and he would do it, but never followed through.

Any insight on this would be very appreciated.
Replacing the chip is not difficult. The hard part is finding the spare IG00150 chip.
papz wrote:
Replace the chip is not difficult. The hard part is find the spare IG00150 chip.

I see. Thank you for the type of chip! My hunt shall now begin, I'll be back to ask how to do it when I find it.
closest ever got for the cs5 service manual...
that chip will be bitch finding....
put IC socket in while inside that machine for LFO
you can "cheat" it with 8038 daughter board wired into lfo circuit
yet that's sort of advanced...
if you need help with doing LFO cv in mod we can come up with something/vero
plus you better troubleshoot that LFO with meters...
for making sure it's not something else besides the chip
also jump function switch
read LFO TestPoints in the service manual
that "guy" was totally bullshitting you...
hope you got it super cheap
you can get sounds out of it...
if the LFO chip is actually dead....
consider modding it for external LFO for now until you can find that IC
send email for "SynthParts"
Yeh, if he said all that, perhaps he misdiagnosed what's wrong with the LFO...
Perhaps it's just a shorted electrolytic cap or diode. I'd check that out first wink
I had one of these with a dead sine output....

The sine was still there, just DC shifted way down. Due to the DC shift it was interacting with other things.... PWM always off, etc.

I "fixed" it by cutting the trace and kludging in a cap.

Not ideal, but I wasn't going to find another chip.

Maybe it helps someone.... the waveshapers in this thing seem to be sensitive, and the wave might still be coming out of the chip but weakly or DC shifted.
Mix Lord
I have a Yamaha cs60 that seems to have this same issue. She sine for the lfo only shifts the pitch up with no sine wav present. The ramp and saw is but the square also is missing. This issue came up when changing out the op amps on the sub board.

What value Capp did you use to address this issue and, was the Capp put directly after the lfo ic sine out? I'm

I haven't been able to find a replacement. Does anyone know where to find one or what the best alternative is?
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