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ES-5 and ESx-8MD Outputs weird
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Author ES-5 and ESx-8MD Outputs weird

Just picked up both these modules and sorry I am still picking up things as a go along.

I have been reading threads but I may have missed this in the heap of knowledge. Maybe what is happening is normal which is fine just want to make sure.

I followed the pictures when setting up the ES-5 and ESX-8MD minus using GT-4, instead I am using GT-6 but same jumper settings.

I am also using ableton.

When I am setting the input to gates 1/2 to 1/7 signal ES-5 1-6 outs
Input to gates 1/8 signals both 7 and 8 outs at the same time.

When using the ESX-8MD Input to gates 3/2 to 3/8 midi outs 1-7 show signal but I can never get signal to midi out 1.

Thank you in advance
Sounds like a gain problem. All tracks feeding the ES-5 should be stereo and at exactly 0dB. Check the DAW and the audio interface settings.
well what I am observing is gate 1/1 output is low around -42db its not triggering and as I increase the gate number the volume gets louder (1/2 triggers out 1, 1/3 triggers out 2, etc). When it is at 1/8 its at 0db and both ouputs 7 and 8 are trigging.

I am running stereo pairs of the voice controller running the gate through channel 3 of the VC

my ableton setup: Channel 1 (VC "VST") routing 3/4 (gate of VC) to Channel 2 (SW ES-5 Controller "audio")

There is no level to set its all in ableton...midi not triggering gate from VC levels are low as soon as I insert the ES-5 controller plugin.
OK ignore the VC for now. Start afresh with just the ES-5 Controller. Turn the 'Output' knob. This should activate the outputs on the ES-5, and its LEDs. The values


should give you one LED at a time. Do they?
okay so from what I am seeing...1 doesn't light anything 2 lights led 1, 4 lights led 2, 8 lights led 3, 16 lights ES-3 7/8 (dimly) and led 4, 32 lights ES-3 7/8 (a little brighter) and led 5, 64 lights ES-3 7/8 (brighter) and led 6, 128 lights ES-3 7/8 (really bright) and led 7/8
Still sounds like a gain problem.

This was a stereo track in Live?

What's the audio interface?
My ES-3 works fine though...Im using motu 16a all the levels are set to 0 no + or - trim.

I am using 96k the ADAT limits down from 8 to 4 automatically. But I tried doing a stereo pair as well in live and didnt get a signal at all.
How about we get this working at 48kHz and then worry about the added complication of 96kHz?
48khz works perfectly fine
just tested it and it works perfectly fine. does that mean I am SOL and need to now contact motu??

If 48kHz works, 96kHz will work, but you need to use a stereo output pair.
sh1t out of luck lol... MY ASS IS BLEEDING

They automatically switch to stereo pairs in the interface routing software if I do stereo pairs in ableton they would be 4 ADAT outs 2 for each side. I did already try that and it didn't work.

We ran into this same thing when you were helping me with the calibration at 96k and smux...I still had to use 1 mono of a 2 adat pair.

Maybe there is an incompatibility with the new motu routing software
OK then, well try a mono track, but turn the track fader up +6dB. How does that work?
I tried moving it up and down on value 1 which is the one with most noticeable issues. The only LED's I get are from the ESX-8MD
Not sure what you mean, sorry.
In ableton I increased and decreased the volume and only the ESX-8MD leds lit up various different combinations but nothing lit from the ES-5 leds
You're basically ignoring one of the stereo channels, so you'll need to put the 8MD on GT2 or GT3 on the ES-5 to use the ES-5 as well (GT1-3 being on the left channel, GT4-6 on the right).
okay so I believe I figured it out based on little snippets you have said while we are talking.

Left and right channel 7/8 on ES-3, running stereo and also gain issues.

So here is what I did. I put on a utility plugin into the channel. I set the drop down to Right or Left. Based on whether I do left or right the outputs trigger on different numbers but on either side I get perfect illumination and solid signal on all 8 of the ES-5 and ESX-8MD respectively. Now mind you I am not panning it at all just using the utility plugin to play on right or left channel of the paired smux adat channel. This is still using only 1 out in ableton and not a stereo pair. Because my soundcard (motu 16A) automatically pairs them into SMUX prior to reaching ableton. Somehow ableton is making a stereo pair double stereo and affecting the levels from what I see at first glance. I tried with a few different plugins already and it worked.

So if anyone has a soundcard that automatically pairs your adat prior to ableton this is a very valuable option. If I run into further problems ill post here.
Guinness ftw!
OS thank you again for all your help! I am so very appreciative of you taking your time!
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