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iOS Apps for Cheesy/Basic Organ Sounds?
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Author iOS Apps for Cheesy/Basic Organ Sounds?
Hello! Rather than throwing a few hundred for a Microkorg, PocketPiano or something else just for good/simple organ sounds, does anyone know any good iOS apps? I’m not looking for church/rock/Hammond sounds but something more basic that you can make a patch with sine waves or similar and decent editing capabilities. So far I found ComboOrgan which is a Vox Jaguar imitation that’s a great deal, but does anyone have other recommendations.
Galileo has always been my go-to for iPad organ stuff.
Arturia has their iMini, iSem, and iProphet apps. They're actually synthesizer apps with a lot of presets but they all have an organ preset of some sort. So you can start with the preset, then modify the parameters to suit your taste/needs. Probably a lot more than what you're looking for but they're not bad for the price and they're fun to play with - IMHO.
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