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Wiard joystick
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Author Wiard joystick
hi, I've got a Wiard 311B controller. I've generally been sending stuff into the X and Y in and then outputting via the JAG outputs 1-8 or Dome or Edge.used the JAG part of it.

I thought if you just want to use the joystick you simply sent outputs to the X in and Y in and then took say the --> as the new ouput. However that doesn't seem to do anything.

So is the joystick purely to control the JAG? And if so what are the two outputs for?
on the model 311C the manual say: X and Y outputs are normalled into JAG inputs, and may also be used independently by patching. Polarity changes with the polarity switch.
The two joysticks can be used in either bipolar (±5V) or unipolar(0-10V) modes (polarity of joystick outputs will change to follow the JAG input polarity switch). Joystick voltage outputs are provided on the panel, and can be used either in combination with or separate from the JAGs.

It possible 311B can be different ?

I think I was having a funny moment. The X & Y outs provide a set voltage range if nothing else is plugged in. So it works much like the EMS synthi joystick.

The X and Y ins relate to the JAG, not the joystick. For some reason I thought that the joystick would mix anything input at the ins.
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