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SV -1 vs Mother 32?
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Author SV -1 vs Mother 32?
Hi all,
As a complete beginner to the modular world I red some recommendations for starting with a semi modular synth.
I'm having hard time to decide between those two.
Any suggestions?
I had the SV-1, chose it over the Mother 32. I eventually sold the SV-1 and picked up a MakeNoise 0-Coast, reason, I wanted to. The only way to know for sure is to get some hands on time. If you have a local shop, that is the best way. Unfortunately, where I live, there aren't any shops that care about electronic music so I had to buy pretty much blind. I like the 0-coast quite a lot, the SV-1 sounded a bit "sterile" to me, really didn't like it. I can't speak for the Mother from use but I do know it sounds really good. Lastly, I'm new here and this is my first post, so take that for what it is. Hope this helped. Just remember, a semi modular isn't necessarily required. You can pick the right modules and have a proper setup that does the same type of thing. Syncing other synths and so forth is also a great option. If you do that, I would recommend getting something like the Doepfer A-119 Ext. In, essential module for getting other gear integrated into your rig (not a pro so there could be better choices but the A-119 works well and is cheap). Again, I am not a professional, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Ultimately, it comes down to what you think sounds the best and has a workflow you are comfortable with.

Oh yeah! There is that new Behringer Neutron semi-modular thing coming soon or out now? Its under $300 and I know nothing about it. Hope I could help. smile
I chose the SV-1 over the Mother32 because I already had a hardware sequencer and liked the additional modulation options on the SV-1. I like the sound of the Mother32 but since I work connected to the computer I already have a VST that can get that Moog filter sound.

I made a similar decision between the SV-1 and Mother32 because I knew I wanted to integrate with eurorack eventually and wanted a semi-modular that could be mounted into a rack. If you don't have that constraint, then there's the Make Noise 0-Coast, Plankton Ants!, Korg MS-20 mini, Kilpatrick Audio Phenol, Arturia Minibrute 2, among plenty of others.

Looks like you already posted this in the eurorack forum with some good answers there. 4fdded180489bf2ee5dc858

What answers are you looking for that are unsatisfied by the ones that people already gave? What are you looking to do with it? Why are you leaning one way or the other? It's hard to give advice without knowing what your criteria are for picking one over the other. There are plenty of other semi-modular synths out there. What made you narrow your selection to these two synths?
If you've just got to have that Moog sound, then go for the Mother 32. The Moog also contains a sequencer to get you up and running straight away!

If you are thinking of expanding into modular, then the SV-1 offers a broader toolbox of possibilities with a truly killer sound of its own.
2 sweet analog oscillators, free running analog LFO, 2 sub oscillators (off osc 1), a 4 channel mixer, a fat multimode filter, a noise source, a sample and hold circuit, a snappy ADSR envelope, a VCA, a couple of passive mults and an output stage with a headphone jack. It also has MIDI in with MIDI clocking.
There are a few other bits and bobs like an arpeggiator that can be controlled by MIDI and a couple of digital LFOs.
The downsides to me would be that I find some of the MIDI and digital side of the module a bit tricky to configure because it gives feedback with flashing lights.
The normalling of the SV-1 can save a lot of time, but also needs conscious breaking when you want to use the individual components.
I purchased the SV-1 for my first modular synth two weeks ago and I really love it, it's quite fun. I also had to invest in a MIDI sequencer, which I was okay with because I already own a couple of Volcas that will pair well with it. I went with the SV-1 because of its supposed flexibility and potential for expansion, but since I don't have any other modules yet, I haven't really "expanded" much.

I have to be honest, I truly love the Moog sound and I wish I had both. I still can't say which I would take over the other, however. Now, as I plan a euro system, I'm searching for potential ways to get a more Moog-like sound out of the SV-1. Or maybe I should just trade it for the Mother 32? Still not sure!

As said above, testing them out in person would be ideal. If you don't have a preference of sound, and already have or are okay with buying a midi controller, go with the SV-1. If you love the Moog sound, maybe go with the Mother 32?

There's a lot of great Mother 32 videos on YouTube, unlike the SV-1. I had trouble finding someone using the SV-1 in the way I want to use mine, and instead, found plenty of Mother 32 users making the sounds I want to make.
Came accross this the other day.

As someone who owns a Mother-32, I totally agree with this guy. The SV-1 looks way more interesting and flexible. However the Mother-32, like this guy says, makes it really easy to make amazing sounding stuff especially with some delay or reverb. I actually originally bought the Mother-32 because I really actually wanted a Mini-Moog but I'm poor. It's absolutely a great start for getting into eurorack, but the SV-1 honestly just looks like more fun.
sv-1 all day long...
First post on this board. I’ve lurked a bit, feel like I’ve learned some about the Eurorack stuff, just now making the plunge to buy some gear.

After checking out lots of vids about the M32 and other options for complete voice starter solutions, I ordered an SV-1. Don’t have it yet, but I will review it — that is, I’ll share my nontechnical impressions — after spending a bit of time with it.

At the same time, I’ve ordered Mutable Instruments Braids and Clouds, and shortly will get Yarns, and I’ve received the Music Thing Radio.

My interest right now is to make interesting and beautiful noises. I have various Midi controllers, including an EWI and DrumKat, to get notes into my system, and I guess for the immediate future the output will be from the SV-1.

My tentative 6U 84HP scheme is available at:

Suggestions and critiques are welcomed!

P.S. sorry to have sorta hijacked this thread, but they won’t let me start my own topic yet and this one seemed a reasonable place to briefly digress. And I really will come back with my thoughts about the SV-1, FWIW
I got the sv-1.i thought it was a good starter module, but later using it with more things in my system I actually feels like its the big brother in my case. The features on it allow me to make the other modules work better. The mixer outputs are great for tying in the other cg modulations on other gear. I did see the 32,and I felt there filter was a little better,but I like more abstract sounds and utility features were more important for me. I prefer using clocks for rhythmic patterns. It's all about preference, but my opinion I like the sv-1 better. I'd say you can't go wrong ether way though. Just watch some YouTube Vids and decide for yourself.
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