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erica synths DIY Poloivoks VCO, component values.
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Author erica synths DIY Poloivoks VCO, component values.
Just started an erica synths Polivoks VCO II build. I have sourced my own components iaw the published BOM. However, I have found a discrepancy with value of R6. The BOM and component layout diagrams show R6 with a value of 100k ohm. The silk screen and schematic show R6 with a value of 150k ohm. R6 is a drop down resistor on the 1v/o input jack. I'm guessing that R6 holds the input at a certain voltage for calibration when no input is connected to the jack.

Can someone who has built this module confirm what the value of R6 should be.

Here is a link to the circuit schematic. v2_2.pdf

Received a reply from Kirils at erica synths. He says that the values on the PCB silkscreen and circuit schematic are the correct. However he also states that the module will work and tune OK with the alternate values given in the BOM.
Were you able to successfully calibrate the vco? I built one and all functions work correctly except it does not track 1v/o. After seeing this I'm thinking of taking it apart to re-check the component values.
hello there,
i am nearly ending my build (only i need to solder the 1k trimmer for scale setup).. in any case i used 100k on R6.. also i used a 22uF film cap at C28 because i had no 10 uF electrolytic cap left. i did a test even without the trimmer but i got several problem, i don't get all voltages which are sent at the voltage/octave input specially when i set octave switch and tune knob at higher levels.. also the pulse width knob is making a click at some point when rotating after middle position.. will do next test when all components are in place and replace the film cap..
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