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Brushed aluminum finish now offered by FPE
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Author Brushed aluminum finish now offered by FPE
Rex Coil 7
Quoting the uprate features ....

"From version 5.1.1 to version 6.0.0

Front panels can be displayed in a 3D view. The front panel can be observed from any viewing angle in the 3D view.

Brushed aluminium is available as new material in the Front Panel Designer. The brushing direction (vertical or horizontal) can be set for brushed material."

And, they've already written v6.01, so if you did what I did about a week ago when they announced the 6.0 upgrade, you'll have to upgrade again to v6.01, which fixes some "minor bugs in the pricing schedule".

Wish I'd been made aware of the new finish option before I just recently ordered $250 bucks worth of VCO panels that I've already received!

Thems the brakes. d'oh!

I need a nap, my brain is flashing the ~TILT~ light.

lol lol lol
Rex Coil 7
A little more infos;

Link to finish page =

Natural Anodized Aluminum

Brushed Natural Anodized Aluminum

Black Anodized Aluminum

Brushed Black Anodized Aluminum

I did some monkey business with the finish selections on one of my panel designs, just to see how it affected pricing. On an 8.5" x 8.75" panel, either black or natural brushed anodized increased the total price by about $5.00 bucks.

At present it seems they're only offering brushed finishes in black and natural.

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Just noticed this as well. Pretty cool, and I can't wait to give this a try sometime.

Rex Coil 7
J3RK wrote:
Just noticed this as well. Pretty cool, and I can't wait to give this a try sometime.

I'm totally torn myself. I have one panel left to order, it's going to be mounted right in the middle of the lowest row in my project synth. I've already had the two VCO panels made in natural anodized with black infilled lettering. So I keep wondering if I should go with either brushed black with engraved lettering or brushed natural with black infill for the final panel.

It would go in the middle of the lower row, where the 4sp blank is located in the image below. Can't decide if it would go well in brushed black, or brushed natural, amongst the "standard" natural and infilled lettering as well as the other finishes of the other modules. Granted, my system is a patchwork of finishes ... so ... maybe using one of the brushed finishes (black or natural) wouldn't look out of place considering the rest of the synth is not really married to any one color or finish.

seriously, i just don't get it hmmm..... d'oh! help

(below) Screenshot of the most up to date design of the 4 space wide dual filter panel ... nearly done futzing with it, almost ready to order.

(below) Screenshot of the same dual filter panel, but in black with engraved lettering.

(below) Here's what the two dual VCO panels will look like when assembly and wiring is finished, just to give an idea of what things look like.

I'm open to suggestions at this point!

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Rex Coil 7
Ok, I've decided to chicken out and take the road more traveled. The new filter panel will be done in the same finish as the two Dual VCO panels ... anodized aluminum in "natural" finish, black infilled lettering, and no brushed stuff.

It's going to have to wait a bit, a parts order with Small Bear for much needed toggles, knobs, and a few more B100K pots takes priority for the time being.

Then the QX420 Dual VCF Multi Circuit panel will be ordered. Shortly thereafter I'm going to try out the LIBB DC distribution board by Member *Genus Modo for Euro stuff, so it will be after the FPE order. It seems to be a safely spent hundred bucks.

So a hunnerd to Small Bear, then a hunnerd to Front Panel Express, then a hunnerd to Genus Modo. Little steps due to little munnay!

lol lol

(unsubbing ... gotta weed out my subscribed threads list ... this one is pretty dead so OFF WITH IT'S HEAD! ... feel free to PM me if you've any comments or questions ... )

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