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CV Sync from Octatrack to Buchla
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Author CV Sync from Octatrack to Buchla

I'm looking for an easy way to sync an Octatrack with my Buchla system. It ought to be as simple as sending an audio click out from the Octatrack to a pulse in on the 281e. Has anyone tried this? And, related question, any idea where I could buy a 1/4" to mono banana jack cable? Everything I can see online seems to end in a pair, which is no good.

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You need a ground too.
1) Do you have a 225e in your system? If so, MIDI synch is the way.
2) Does the Octatrack put out triggers like the MD does? If so, just do that on one output and send it where it needs to go.
No 225 in my system. Maybe that's what I should do.
cyberdine wrote:
No 225 in my system. Maybe that's what I should do.

I didn't want a 225e in my system when I built my 12-space, but it ended up being an essential module.
Yeah, I'm starting to see that.
Could try one of these. Always useful in general with systems that have different connections
I’ve used audio triggers to clock things. It works but you may need to adjust the gain on the signal. The audio trigger should be a very short sharp attack sound. Definitely need to ground the octatrack to the Buchla so those 1/4” to double bananas is a good idea.

Pyle-Pro PCBL34 12 Gauge 1/4'' Female To Dual Banana Plug Cable

Just need to note which banana plug is ground and which is signal.
ahh so the reason the banana ends in a pair is because one is ground?
Correct one banana is connected to 1/4” tip and the other is 1/4” sleeve aka Gnd
Dancing Star thanks... that makes sense!
Hey folks, rather than starting a new thread, I'm trying this today and running into some problems.

1. I recorded a sample of the Buchla keyboard pulse output, normalized it and put it into the Octatrack; it's playing on every other step on Track 8, which is set to the Cue outputs, panned hard left. Gain staging is 100% all the way up across the Mixer and Track 8, with the hold and release of the Amp envelope all the way down.
2. I'm running Cue L into a UTL 1/2, grounded to the Buchla case; Cue L then comes out on banana to my 208r's Keyboard input.
3. All the sync inputs on the 208r are set to Keyboard.
4. When I hit Play on the Octatrack, the Envelope triggers perfectly only in Sustained mode, not in Transient mode, but neither the Sequencer nor the Pulser advance (Pulser set to Triggered).

I can replicate this with recorded triggers from a TR-606 and a TR-09, as well.

Any thoughts? Why would those other circuits react differently to an incoming click or pulse?
There's no buffering on the pulse input on the 208 so when you switch the various sections on the input signal gets loaded down. If your pulse signal is around 5v or lower (which the OT output definitely is), you end up with the issue you're describing.

There's a few mods listed in the various build threads you can do to lower the trigger voltage on the pulser so it works better with lower signals. Probably the other sections too.

A better solution would be to add some sort of buffer or comparator on the pulse input so lower triggers work better. You could also run the signal through some type of gain stage before going to the 208.
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