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Recording 4 drone tracks on a 2 track tape deck.
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Author Recording 4 drone tracks on a 2 track tape deck.
Strange and potentially silly question here.

I'm wanting to get confirmation on how best to record 4 drone tracks on a 2-track tape deck for playback on a 4-track machine. If this is possible at all.

Essentially, I'm playing a gig this weekend and I usually use 4 tracks of drone on my 4-track (cassette) for ambience. However, my machine died this week and I'm going to have to borrow someone else's machine at the venue. So I'm attempting to try and record the drone tracks on my hifi deck instead.

My instinct says to record 2 tracks on side A and then record the other 2 tracks on side B but reversed. My theory is that then when played back on the 4 track machine, all 4 tracks will play in the right direction. Being drones, there's no worry about matching timing etc. As long as they're all there in the right direction, I'm happy.

Is this correct? Or am I missing something fundamental?

That should work.
Great. Thanks.
You gotta know at what speed the tape will be playing in the 4-track machine you’ll use at the gig,
because if you record your drones at normal speed and then play it a double speed (as many multitrack cassette recorders do) you will have higher pitches.
Yes, thank you. Fortunately the machine at the gig was the same as mine. Even more fortunately, my machine actually came back to life just in the time for the gig last Friday. All was very well in the end.
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