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patchbay hum
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Author patchbay hum

so i got myself a patchbay with balanced in/outs and i use stereo-patch cables. on my mixer i use unbalanced aux channels, and my effects have unbalanced in/outs, too

when i use any synth through an effect with the aux of my my mixer - no hum
when i involve the patchbay - hum

most effects, mixer and patchbay are build in a rack

any tips? is it a problem that the patchbay is balanced in/out and the rest is not?

i just ordered some humfrees that i will try
You need a grounding scheme for your entire studio system.

In my system, all of the grounds are lifted on the input side of the gear. I can explain in greater detail over the phone or Skype if you want to give me a call. It’s complex stuff but, once sorted out, pretty much guarantees a ground-loop free system. You won’t need the ‘humfrees’.

Drop me a line.
Thank you, I just googled 'ground lift' trying to make some sense out of it. Thanks a lot for your offer, I'll pm you when I have questions
Have a read through the Rane AppNote 110::
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