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Obnoxious sounddesign question #100000001
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Author Obnoxious sounddesign question #100000001
Rost + Licht
I cannot get my head around on how to create this certain sound. I'm quite sure its a sample of sth played wether on a different pitch than the source or is it a latin percussion sound?

In this example it starts early on and kind of resembles an closed highhat if you want (Robert Hood - One Circle)

In this its the same but sounding slightly different, but a more 'clean" example of what I'm looking for (AFX - Falling Free Remix)

What the heck IS this? Drives me nuts to think about it :smile


My main drummy is a MD right now but I also have some samplers on board
You can just use a square or pulse wave maybe with some noise and an LPF dialled in to taste. ASR envelope with fast attack and short decay time.
Rost + Licht
interesting, ill try that.

the sound is kind of chirpy, maybe ill try to add some resonance before or after the sampling.

even if i dont get the wanted result, you reminded me the idea of working more with simple waveforms to build those kind of pristine sounds.
The second example sounds like FM to me - that chirpy quality you mention,

I’m no expert on FM drums though, so I don’t have any concrete suggestions to try.

Nice Robert Hood track smile
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