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Changing cabinets and would appreciate advice
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Author Changing cabinets and would appreciate advice
Hey all,

So a long bit ago, I basically purchased a bunch of modules from Mos-Lab and a "Model 15" case. Since then, I expanded a tiny bit and wanted all of the modules in one cabinet. So, I purchased a DOT COM QCS 44 Space slanted wood cabinet. When this arrived, EMWhite came over to add another power supply (to power the Mos-Lab Kobol Oscillators) and it came out great. HOWEVER, the Mos-Lab modules don't fit on the bottom row due to the depth of their boards. GRRRRR

I thought I was going to add a bunch more modules, but it turns out that I am downsizing more than I am acquiring more gear.
I would love to get all of these modules in a smaller setup in terms of cabinetry. Do you have any ideas? And, does anyone have any interest in the DOT COM cabinet (buy/trade)?

Maybe I should have the Kobols in the same rack as some other modules and all the Mos-Lab in one rack as they are different power supplies. I dunno.

Here are basically the current modules in the cabinet.

Notron fn

I had a friend build a cabinet for me with a raised lower bar so I could have deep modules on the lower level.
tell your friend nice work! lovely cab. Lets set it oiled/stained with the modules installed! thumbs up
Notron fn

Synth-werk modules fit on the bottom row.
Really cool. Is this custom cabinet work?
Notron fn
A friend from work who recently retired threw it together for me in his shop. Just got it home tonight.
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