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U&I Metasynth 6.0
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Author U&I Metasynth 6.0
New pricing. Now only $199, $49 upgrade from previous version.
I think still Mac only.
I did not get an email from them about the upgrade until I went to the site and requested one via a form; you need the email to get to the upgrade price.

That email went straight into gmail’s spam.

Going to upgrade tonight. I jumped on during a big sale and then found out Metasynth 5 had problems with macOS Sierra, so I’m glad to see they’ve sorted it out for v6.
I hoped it was a bigger update, seems like its an update primarily for these faster machines with more RAM out now, but any update is welcome. I haven't installed it yet, hoping it looks a little better, less of the Kai's PowerTools 90's look.

Still no Windows version, but one more reason to have a Mac...
You won't notice any UI changes, so it looks like it "always" has. I'm fine with it. It's still a fantastic piece of software, generating sounds like no other software.

Still really disappointed that stuff like multiple undos in the image synth STILL isn't supported, but perhaps some day ...

Anyways, $49 for compatibility with new OSes is fine by me, and there is some subtle changes under the hood.
Haven't installed the upgrade yet. Still an amazing piece of software. I'd hoped there have been some UI changes but expectations were low smile
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