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Questions about a potential live set up
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Author Questions about a potential live set up
visible cow
I'm interested getting some ES modules (es3 and companions) to use live with my modular but I have some questions...

I'd like to use my computer as both my sequencer/controller and mixer. So I'd be running cv out to the modular and audio back into my interface (Motu 16a). What I'd like to know is if any of you work this way and what kind of track count to expect (obviously this will depend on a bunch of things but I'd like to know your experiences). I'd be willing to upgrade my computer if need be as it's getting a bit old. Latency is a concern as I'm also hoping to process vocals and a Wurlitzer 200a through the computer. Basically I'm wondering if I'm expecting too much.

I've been using a cirklon and analog mixer but I think that going the expert sleepers route could greatly reduce set up time and cable clutter. My only other dilemma would be figuring out how to incorporate my midi synths.

Anyways, I'd just like a little feedback before taking the plunge. Thanks in advance.
Obviously I’m biased but I’ve been running a setup like this for years. Processing guitar and bass clarinet as well as driving the modular, running loads of effects and indeed making a multitrack recording of the gig. Unless your computer is seriously vintage I wouldn’t expect a problem.
I'm running a similar rig - using a MOTU 1248 and 16A via Thunderbolt, latency is a nonissue, and CPU usage is in the single digits with 24 channels of audio coming in from my modular and 8 going out to it. Also vocals and guitar, using plugins for processing. Using a couple-years old MacBook Pro.

I have CV going out to the modular with Expert Sleepers gear, but a word of warning re: MOTU interfaces and the ES- series if you're planning on a lot of outputs and expanders. I've recently come to learn by experience that the MOTU drivers are not all that well behaved with Silent Way and ESX-8CVs etc., and the net effect is that you're unable to use all of the expansion channels.

My workaround right now is to use an FH-1 with multiple expanders, and it works fine, but I'll probably add back in my ES-8 and a couple of expanders just for some high resolution CV.

Let me also say that I'm a big fan of Expert Sleepers hardware, owning 6 Distings in addition to the above CV interfaces, and Os is very helpful and responsive on this forum. Bust just a heads-up re: the MOTU gear in case you were planning to go crazy with the CV outputs.
visible cow
Good to know regarding Motu. I've been considering switching over to an RME interface (as I've come to regret having to use an external headphone amp) so hopefully there will be no issues there. I think I'll pick up an es3 and test the waters.
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