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Speed and information.
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Author Speed and information.
Richie Jape
I've been thinking about speed and information the last little while ...

doing things like recording arpeggios at 500/600 bpm to tape and slowing them down ...

it's a beautiful thing, especially when using a reverb, it assumes a whole new character ...

things like taking a novel and speeding it up until it's a few seconds long, then slowing it back down again ...

i tried with the art of war which is 1 hour 15 mins and sped it up to 11 seconds ...

here ...

it did not work, slowing it down just produces weird alien speak ... i think it is because of the artefacts caused by digital processing ...

do you think that if there was a 'theoretical tape machine' that could analog speed an audio book up to ridiculous speeds ... then transmit it somehow ... could the information be then extracted by others ?
Nice thread Richie, I have no answer but this is a fascinating question. Reminds me of my early teenage experimentations with the Singing Machine hihi
I'm following with interest!
I like to do similar things.
I started off doing the old trick of reversing a track, printing reverb, then reversing it 'to normal'. So you get the backwards reverb.
Then I thought about how to do the same thing, in a different way.
So I'd pitch something up or down, print reverb, then pitch it back to normal.
It generally ends up sounding kind of like heavy noise reduction on the reverb. But I like the artifacts it introduces.

As far as pitching up or down without undue artifacting. Have you tried recording at higher sample rate?
i've done that exact thing with the arp on my juno60. it glitches out in some lovely ways. almost seems like it'll skip notes sometimes or be nonlinear. really fun!
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