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Question about the VCAs in IFM Denum and/or Dunst
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Author Question about the VCAs in IFM Denum and/or Dunst
I have a IFM system for a while and sometimes things just dont click for a long time, I never understood 100% whats up with those VCAs, if I have one input and send a bipolar modulation, I will hear one side , a fade out and then either the normalized noise of the dunst or denum sound (or whatever is in the second input jack) on the other side, if I send unipolar, i just listen one side, but what drives me a little nuts is that, so far I could not make two different inputs go through left n right at the very same time, if I have 2 inputs and I send two unipolar modulations, one for each, no matter what polarity and offset I will either get just one output or no sound, but never left and right at same time. Any work around or are we sentenced to having a VCA that is either loud at left or at right, but never under any circumstance at both?

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