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Question about the VCAs in IFM Denum and/or Dunst
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Author Question about the VCAs in IFM Denum and/or Dunst
I have a IFM system for a while and sometimes things just dont click for a long time, I never understood 100% whats up with those VCAs, if I have one input and send a bipolar modulation, I will hear one side , a fade out and then either the normalized noise of the dunst or denum sound (or whatever is in the second input jack) on the other side, if I send unipolar, i just listen one side, but what drives me a little nuts is that, so far I could not make two different inputs go through left n right at the very same time, if I have 2 inputs and I send two unipolar modulations, one for each, no matter what polarity and offset I will either get just one output or no sound, but never left and right at same time. Any work around or are we sentenced to having a VCA that is either loud at left or at right, but never under any circumstance at both?

Not sure if you are still looking for an answer, but I believe this is the intended way the IFM VCAs work. From what I understand, they are based on analog logic; if you have two audio feeds it's the strength of a given channel's CV input to the VCA that determines which of the two gets through to their output. So if VCA CV1 > VCA CV2, the Left channel will output but when CV2 > CV1, then the Right channel will output....but never both.

I think it's a very cool VCA design and fits well the the concept of the system as a whole, but mentions of "stereo" are a bit misleading. You can get kinda pseudo nice sounding stereo if you modulate the VCAs at near audio rate, but for slower modulations, you don't get that sense of a full stereo field, but rather hard panned stuff.
That's right. You get sound out of one or the other channel, never both. The right CV is compared to the left CV and if it's higher, the right channel level is set by their difference. So you can use it as a single channel VCA easily. It also works as a panner, but the curve may not be what you like.

A few more points about the VCA: First, it distorts. The triangle wave on Denum becomes rounded and softer, sort of sine-like. Second, it's AC-coupled, so if you're at LFO frequencies, it won't get through the VCA.
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