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Recommendations for amp modelling plug-ins?
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Author Recommendations for amp modelling plug-ins?
I'm working on a track that's mostly my modular synthesizer and drums courtesy of Ableton. I had the bright idea to pick up my cobweb covered strat and add some chugging and noodling but I'm really unhappy with the sound. Miking an amp is unfortunately out of the question and I know I'll never be able to come close to that quality but is there something that's a step up from Ableton's built in amp/cab sims that isn't too dear. I.E. an Ax FX would be great but I'm looking for something more mid level cost-wise. Is my money better spent on hardware upgrades or software plugins?

Signal Chain:

Fender Mexi-strat->big muff->Tascam US-428->Ableton. Thanks!
Scuffham S-Gear.

I've got a bunch of boutique amps and mics in the studio, a Kemper profiler for guitar-centric live outings, but this bit of software is amazing for the price. Very realistic and touch-sensitive, and to my ears sounds better than anything Guitar Rig, Amplitube or Line 6 have to offer. And I've tried them all.
That might be just the thing and the price is doable. I'm off YouTube for demo vids. Thanks!
I used to use Amplitube extensively but switched to Guitar Rig when I got Komplete. Amplitube Custom Shop is free, comes with a pretty decent selection of free amps, cabs, and effects, so I'd start there. Guitar Rig is just low on CPU usage and easy to install if you already use Komplete, and sounds pretty good.

I recently bought Bias FX Pro which is so far my favorite, although I haven't done much A/B testing. I find it easy to start with an init patch and set up amp, cab, and pedals from scratch. I think it will be my go-to from here on out.

I've built presets from scratch in both Amplitube and Bias FX and they both respond pretty realistically to an overdrive pedal into an amp and similar IRL tricks.

Another free option that sounds great is LePou amp sims and your IR plugin of choice with set of cab impulse responses. CPU usage is a bit higher than Amplitube but I was very happy with the sounds I got. A ton of videos showing off LePou on YouTube.

OH I almost forgot. I LOVE my SansAmp GT-2. Maybe consider looking into something like that as well.

Or a Torpedo Audio Loadbox/Speaker sim plus amp of choice.
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