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ES-6 Only Transmits Odd Inputs
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Author ES-6 Only Transmits Odd Inputs
Audio interface: RME Fireface UFX+ running at 48kHz.
Hardware: 2 each of:

I liked my ES-3/5/6 setup so much that I decided to expand my options and get another. The newer one is behaving strangely--I can only get signals from the odd-numbered jacks (1, 3, 5). The LED jacks all light up, but only the odd-numbered ones make it into the audio interface.

Since I'm fortunate enough to have two sets of hardware, I've been able to do some tests. I've tried switching cables and putting the new ES-6 on ADAT A instead of B; no joy. The new ES-6 doesn't get even-jack signals into the interface, regardless of whether it's connected to ADAT A or B. My first ES-6 transmits all six regardless of where it's connected.

Is there some jumper I've knocked loose? Could it be bad hardware? help
Have you tried swapping the new ES-6 to the old ES-3 or vice versa?
Yes--when the ES-6s are exchanged, I still can't get even inputs on the new module. The old module fully functions when combined with either ES-3.
Sounds like a hardware fault then.
Quick update on this:

I replaced the ES-6 to make sure that the fault was in the hardware. As soon as it arrived, I did some simple tests to make sure every input worked: they did. Hooray, problem solved! But...

Recently the 5 input has stopped working on the new ES-6. No signal, not even the usual DC offset, is getting into the audio interface through input 5. I swapped the ES-6s as above with strange results:
-The old ES-6 worked perfectly.
-Inputs 2, 3, 4 and 6 worked on the new ES-6. Input 5 still didn't work, and input 1 stopped working.

When I swapped the ES-6s back to their original positions:
-The old ES-6 worked perfectly.
-Inputs 1, 2, 4 and 6 on the new ES-6 worked. Input 5 continued to not transmit signal, input 1 started working again, and input 3 stopped working. I noticed that the signal going into the computer from input 6 was also noticeably quieter than the other working signals.

I'm going to try to get this RMAed since it seems clear that there's a hardware issue, but I wanted to see if there was any possibility that I'm inadvertently frying these myself. i.e. is it possible that a problem in the ES-3, power supply or elsewhere is causing damage to the ES-6? Or am I just getting lemons?
I think you're just being unlucky. The old and new ES-6 hardware is pretty much the same, so if the case etc. damaged one it would likely damage the other.
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