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CQ2 and Beatstep Pro?
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Author CQ2 and Beatstep Pro?
The Grump
I want to use the CQ2 for techno and I'm wondering if anyone else has used one in conjunction with a Beatstep Pro, particularly using the CV outs to sync the Cocos via drum sequencer pulses into the Skips or gating the ins or outs with the other step sequencers. Has anyone tried this?

I'm aware that I will have to make custom cables that go from 1/8" to banana and ground the ring to the CQ. Any thoughts or tips besides this?
I have CocoQ2, BSP, and a Lowgain box. I'll test this trio out to see if I can coax something that follows the BSP triggers.

There is a CV range chart of sorts somewhere in the forum. That info would help determine the voltage ranges CoCo uses across both samples and the Quant section.
The Grump
Thanks. Yeah, it's +0-9v.
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