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5U Reliable Oscillator reset
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Author 5U Reliable Oscillator reset
Hi All,

I am trying to get my Oakley VCO to reset reliably using a gate/trigger/saw on the sync input for sharp attack percussive sounds. I have tried the SQ-1 triggers and gates as well as silent way triggers and gates via an ES-8 also tried an envelope with 0 attack and very quick decay to emulate a saw but not having any luck getting the oscillator to re-trigger reliably.

I have seen some other threads on here regarding using bipolar triggers to reset some oscillators but havent had any luck. Also there is the WMD Digital VCA with 0 reset but have heard this has inherent delay, as this is a digital processor how does it affect the lovely raw sound of the 5U oscillators going through it?

I have the Oakley VCO's and the random source 4u NTO. The Oakley VCO can do hard sync and states a falling saw needs to be used on the sync input. The random source NTO sync input states it also needs a falling saw wave on the sync input but does not say if it can do soft or hard sync.

I love the sound / raw power of these oscillators (esp compared to what I have heard in eurorack land) but as I do mid to high tempo music i really need oscillator reset. I also like to sound design each part of the entire song using the modular synths as it all fits better IMO. So oscillator reset for the percussive and kick parts is essential.

Does anyone know of similar oscillators with the big raw 5u / serge sound that has reliable oscillator reset?

Hi Rob , sync inputs in VCOs can be level dependent or time dependent.
With level dependent inputs you can use any kind of signal to reset the VCO , when the input signal reach a certain level it will reset the VCO.
With time dependent inputs you will need a really fast rising signal to reset the VCO. Even what can be seen as a really fast rising time ( 1ms for example ) it's possible that it can't be faster enough. A 0 attack envelope is not the best signal to use. Try to sync the oscillators using a square wave from other VCO as a sync signal instead a saw wave. If you get hard sync it means that the trigger or gate coming from the SQ-1 is not fast enough to reset the VCOs
I think you're going to need a 10V gate to guarantee to reset the double width Oakley VCO. It's designed to sync from an audio waveform of 10V peak to peak so if you're using a gate to reset it you're probably going to need to hit it with higher than the usual 5V gate signal.

Both the Oakley SVCO and VC-LFO should sync reliably with unipolar 5V gates.

Thanks thalassa and tony. Very useful information. I will give it a try and report back.
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