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Videography instead of Synthesis
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Author Videography instead of Synthesis
Hey all!

I'm looking to get into videography; I don't really want to synthesize the video but I'd like to capture it and edit it in time with songs that I make. I love the look of warm, glitchy black and white videography made from shooting things like clouds, trees, and worn down homes. Could anyone recommend any gear for making this kind of stuff?

Thank you!
Glitchy black and white?....

Pretty sure you could do all of this with your mobile phone and a free app or two these days, but i just really really wanted to post the links (because I can't have one, or I'd cross the threshold and become a hipster).

Haha this is true; although it may be harder to achieve "warmth" on a phone.
If you are using a PC give Vegas Movie Studio Platinum software a try. It's under $100, very easy to use and has a lot of tools/filters for processing video.

Other than that, if your camera can use interchangeable lenses or at least accept a range of filters you'll be able to do a lot in-camera.
Can't start a new thread due to a new account, so sorry for intruding. Can anyone possibly help me figure out why my camorders output is black and white when running it through a Panasonic MX12?
You might want to stop asking that question in other peoples threads.
It is kind of annoying.
And your question is already being answered in that other thread you asked it in.


Maybe you could get some old video gear, such as a SVHS camera , or even better, a tube camera.
experiment with the white contrast and color settings. (if available)

I use VirtualDub for simple editing. It's free.
oldschool Amiga + Video Toaster + TBC vote. (and several camcorders)

(I've been seriously considering trying to dig one up. No fucking idea what I'd do with it, but it was something I coveted at one point in time...)

If you want to have pre-recorded video, maybe a couple of Vistaquest 1005/1015s to produce video with? They're shit in low-light, though. Those have an odd fps and delightfully low resolution with that plastic lens/lomography appeal. Import output in your video software and destroy it further... run it through aalib... etc etc

[video][/video]<- sample 1005 footage
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