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Stompox the Euro?
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Author Stompox the Euro?
Has anyone tried building on and off switches to control cg controlable distortions and effects? Like could u use expression pedals as well to modify the signal paths as you play Guitar? My Euro rack makes pretty wild flue sounds, would be kind of cool to play it with a guitar. Any ideas? Thanks
It was discontinued in 2015, but I think this is what you're looking for:
isnt a stomp just an on/off switch? couldnt you just run a cable from the box into like the gate of an envelope and get the same effect?

i dont want to step on my modules.
Uh, well it also scales the input and output gain/impedance.

There's also and also the Erthenvar Entry Point and the Analogue Solutions RS-35 for pitch and envelope following.
I'm always amazed by the audio and ctrl paths I'm using, when playing an external instrument in conjunction with the modular:

Guitars/mic/whatever => preamp.
Preamp out=> (DI or speaker mic'd)=> mix table
Mix table inserts => modular back and forth.
Mix table channel/mix out => computer.

Then I've got a "soft step" midi foot controller:
soft step => ableton + silent way.
silent way => ES3
ES3 CVs => organised or not... chaos.

Despite all this mess, I've got literally no latency and no crashing when playing, thanks to RME people drivers wizardry, and Ableton sparkle dust.

I'm grateful to live in 2010's.
You might be after an a-177-2 with an expression pedal and foot switch(es)?
so, i have a bunch of distortion moduals and such, how to convert a stomp switch to turn them on and off if they are always on? do i need a switch? or can i just use a vca? any ideas?
Here's one way of doing it:
or il-loop-mkii
GuyaGuy wrote:
Here's one way of doing it:
or il-loop-mkii
woa, yeah this is interesting. i kinda was wondering if i could utilize any euro gear, but this looks cool.
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